Autoplay Hero Behavior with Prometheus Tower

Has anyone else noticed that on occasion, the autoplay hero function will just stand still if a prometheus tower bomb drops close in proximity to it? Like the hero doesn’t kick it back, nor does he/she attack anything… they just freeze until the bomb goes off. Not a constant AP behavior, but can be annoying when farming and they don’t attack or attempt to kick back the bomb.

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Yes. It happens. Always has.

It’s usually when the hero is low on health and is attempting to regen. Standing still and regenerating health takes precedence over not letting bombs blow up in the heroes face for some reason.

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Imagine having a tower/unit at 2% health and NOT hitting it to destroy it, but standing still and dying, which is the opposite of what you wanted to achieve.

The regen part happens also after a retreat, which can be 3-4 times in same “scene”. But its possible that those balls reach you and you are standing still.

The debate is not if AP is good. It’s not perfect, and it shouldn’t be perfect. Because manual should be better. The actual question for me, as we discussed this some time ago more extensively, is “how smart it should be”, because right now, it’s pretty stupid in most cases. Too stupid if you ask me. Some things should be automated… it would also be a way to teach inexperienced users what they can do (before they improve even more with manual).

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