Award bonus gold to raids based on raid difficulty

Can you please change the gold system in OR??? the fixed amount of gold u get in raids (which depends entirely on your trophy ranking) takes all the excitement out of the game and makes it repetitive…and boring. FG can u please make the gold system similar to the trophy system? ( the tougher the player u raid the more gold u r rewarded)

This way skillful and strategic raiders get gold fast and evolve fast, while all others will have to work on their game to keep up.

It makes the game more challenging and fun :-) 

I like it.

to do this, the devs would have to start tracking and quantifying how “tough” a particular player is, which is the first step to getting better metrics overall and a better hall of fame leaderboard. So it’s win/win. 

Then we shall start losing some trophies in order to get more gold from opponents. 

If smth like this could happen, what if it is level based?

I think a better way would be to ditch trophies completely and have a new number that’s a mix of level/fame/wins vs losses/#of GKs killed/etc…  a toughness ranking. You get more gold based on how tough someone is.