award from alliance members

Once a month, members of the alliance would admit some kind reward (from them), gold, gems, reducing issued food …
For the best member

What U think?

I think we get enough free stuff from flare. They are a company and can’t live from air only.

If you want to reward a player, temporary leave, raid him and use scrolls. That way you give him gems.

Sometimes you have a good enough team that you can’t decide who deserves the best member award. Maybe giving something tiny to all the good and loyal members who deserve it. But as Jack said, maybe we already have enough free stuff.

I don’t think anything is needed but if something is to be there, let me put the thinking cap on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Leaders & general can give a ‘Top performer’ to someone (like champions in war) but not themselves. This award last for 24 hours since activation. The award can be given only once a month. So if given, there will be a 30 day cooldown. So what’s in that for the award recipient? 

  • Can earn extra 10% gold on all raids.

  • Will have more luck in CoF.

  • Will get 2x XP on all raids.

  • Higher rate of success with Blacksmith.

  • A free 1 day gold shield.

  • A free Uber Chest.

We have done rewards for members that fought in war and have been loyal to the alliance. We have done Google  gift card codes as a reward for top war participation and most helpful. I have bought a card for a friend to help him out. Need  to make sure the country accept them where they live. He was in Australia  so I had to buy a Australia iTunes  off of ebay .You’re always free to help each other out.I think Flare already does enough.


Maybe you’re right…