Awesome Cheater or a Display Bug!

Watch this guy, see his trophies and his level… omg, if I had fought that many fights in the game to reach 1800+ trophies, I would be minimum level 40+
but this guy… broke all records

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Maybe, he made some more fake accounts, attacked self to earn trophies by losing the fight?..

He is in alliance level 77… Maybe somebody helped him by attacking his base and losing trophies to him…

Whatever he done is awesome… well, he can lose trophies a few times only… he must have fake accounts at all trophy range then

On the same topic, I would also like Flaregames to recheck this account of player named He always ranks top 50 in every pro leagues… He could either be a really good pro player or maybe you-know…

This is just because he is in a high lvl alliance with lost of boosts and phebe…
Totally normal that all low players loose agains him
Phebe and overpowered alliance boost makes the difference…
Such unbalance in low trophy range

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Point is, He is too low levelled to be in such a powerful alliance… He either has to be another account or a friend to be in such an alliance…

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But lvl 40 in high lvl alliance is probably a second account
but it could also be a friend well, this doesn’t concern us.

He shall be blocked for that… no secondary account, main account probably

You were faster than me :joy:


Level 40, hr is level 7 with 5k donation

Well the img was not showing before I don’t know why😅

Grim, I am waiting for your request, ingame friends… @GrimScythe2001

Oh yeah… I forgot… I will send you a friend request soon… I sent your teammate kingpea request… I will send you in a minute…

I will accept in a second

First thing, I never joined Sleeping Lion…
I AM IN THE LOST SHEEP FROM last 2 months, before, I was in HamburgStars

If you are not sure, please dont spread the wrong word. I never joined sleeping lion and have no interest in joining it. “King Aditya Kumar” and “KING ADITYA” are two different people who have no relation with each other.
Thank You for understanding.

He mean something else. I have cleared the confusion… My profile have no relation with sleeping lion except it was in wars with my ally.

Hello guys,
Please stick to the forum rules.
I will remove the contents in question and will lock this topic now.
Thanks for understanding. Please feel free to send me a PM anytime.