B DAY event issues

Flare said the blacksmith would be 50% off upgrades for the event. Went to upgrade some troops and spells.  Don’t see any discount.  

They are not upgraded in the smith are they? although that would be great

Time to celebrate Royal Revolt’s birthday the right way… With an awesome event & lots of in-game bonuses! Login now and enjoy all these amazing benefits for free: - Twice as much XP for every battle you fight - 2 free rerolls in Granny’s shop - Double amount of Pearls from melting down items - Double amount of Pearls whenever you spend Gems - More Vouchers from your friends - Improved Production Boosts - Higher chances of success for all Pearl upgrades We wish you all a great birthday party and are already looking forward to the next one.


You must have misread it as no where does it say 2x on blacksmith. The chance for success is higher for upgrading stuff though

This is from flares official announcement in the forum next door:


  • Cost for upgrades at the Blacksmith are decreased by 50%

there is NO 50% cost decrease for upgrade item … Give me my pearls back

i am just a player but ill give you an answer…from aether …ill forward this to the flare team…from flare team…sorry for the inconvenience but we can not compensate you for your losses…oh well

when you start to upgrade spell or unit - it show blacksmith! But price not changed, as I see

Where do you read it?


The pearl price isn’t reduced for me, too (spells, units).



I just forwarded the issue to the team so they can have a look asap, sorry for the troubles.

How do you know? :ph34r:




It is a mistake on our side, the info has been communicated properly on Facebook, sorry for the misunderstanding.

you mean, silently remove 1 string from event description? :angry:


Most players already read it, and will never read second time

“and just we woulnd say it to anybody except this topic!”

For example, I translate it immidiately to russian group (1000+ users).

Good that now I know about situation, but how many translations/reposts are still wrong???

I knew I wasn’t the only one to notice that, I remembered I read something about lower prices for upgrade too, but the game didn’t have any difference.

I want my stones back! Added status in troops and spells, after I add on the cover and only was there a reduced price. Give back to me !!

Haven’t you guys learn anything up until now? Never trust what fg told you. You gotta stop expecting something from fg, just find something new in the game by yourself (without paying much attention to the release note), because i can guarantee nothing will happen exactly like the info they gave us, and that way, you’ll be less heart broken.