Back to basics

Flaregames, I think the game is taking a wrong direction. All events are turned to the collective. The war, the ninjas, the pro, the conquest are based on the understanding and especially the assiduity of a team. It can be nice but at the moment, it’s way too much!
Our hero is stagnating, the buildings are aging, the fun disappears as the events unfold. Only the festival allowed a feat simply individual.
Where did the increases of power, the levels up to 200, the improvements of spells, troops, buildings other than by the pearls. Or?

You’re supposed to have improved the game, and you’ve found something new, but the rest?

Have you thought about casual gamers, who want to have fun with 2/3 fights a day, try a daily challenge (sorely lacking here), without paying because you have ads for that (when they work)?

Have you thought about great players, who want fun, action and challenges other than using their credit card to try to be admitted to?

What do you think Flaregames? Where is the game of the beginning, where we progressed playing and not paying?

I hope an answer and a recovery of my message.

Diddy7, leader of “Guerriers de Diddy7”

Hi Diddy7,

Thanks for the feedback. ?‍♀️

I have forwarded it to the devs.

Have a good day. :slight_smile:

Thanks… We wait the maintenance


I believe you, but I and I think most of us here are starting to believe it falls on deaf ears.

I gotta disagree. Wars and conquest are designed for alliances, obviously, but Ninja and Pro events are well suited for lone wolf players. They don’t get the additional alliance rewards, but that is quite small compared to the individual rewards. Plus: The vast majority of players are members of an alliance.  

My children are playing royal revolt 1.

The game at this time is filled with ease of handling the game, fun of the stage, adventure.

Moreover, curious kids can interrupt at any time for another game. Over the course of a year and a half the children are capturing over 30 stages.

There are few people who can take the time to play so long in a day.

Let’s suppose that it is royalrevolt 2 that fits me in adults.

Conquest felt a sense of unity with the alliance. But everyone can do this only on vacation.

I think that about 3 days in a month is good. It is about considering the limit of sleep deprivation and physical strength of the leader and general.

Please arrange for us to ” leave the game at any time and switch to time for work or family.”