Back to School Festival

Alright so it’s been a while since we’ve had a festival so I’d like to suggest one! The Back to School Festival. Some of you may be thinking that the pencil sword would fit perfectly, but I think the Lamp Sword would fit perfectly! It would not only be a new item but add in a new type of damage for the king: Lightning Damage. So far only the Necroes have that ability on offense and I’d love to see this be implemented on a sword! I don’t have much ideas for other items, but maybe two erasers for shoulder pads or something

Festivals are things of the past. My opinion is that they took them out due to all the players dropping trophies and racking up gear without any effort. It seems that the update is just about new wars which is not going to save the game. Shame that a cool game going to be  just kicked to curb instead of fixing legitimate problems and adding real solutions using feedback from players. 

Well players are dropping trophies anyway, be it for easier ninja or just to get ANY gold from raids. So killing festivals because of that would be totally beaides the point.


because buying gear, like you’re supposed to, takes so much more effort. :wink:

I am always increasing trophies for ninja. Don’t buy anything in game free player.

Same here. Although, whenever I try and raise my trophy level before the ninja, it plummets, cause I’ll try and attacker higher level bases and I’ll lose 50 trophies…which brings up another problem in the game, the trophy algorithm 

I gain tons of trophies over the war so unless I drop quite a lot beforehand I’m pretty secure in my tier these days. I don’t have the patience to trophy surf now…

And I’m 100% free too - even if I didn’t want to because purchases broke lately. :stuck_out_tongue:

Man I catch myself doing this same stupid thing. Messed up this ninja and dropped a tier because of that. 

Lol School festival. The King who look like a kid who go at school. Like the set Summer with baseball stuffs but like with costume and tie. Why not if people like to collection this kind of stuffs in RR2

Hope festival will be back more for gold. I have don’t do anything since over 1 month. I just go in RR2 right now to upgrade my taverns. I wait for 4.0 if the problem of gold is fixed