Back with some anti gargoyles combo

Hey guys, I’ve made a video overexplaining how to do a raid against an N design gargoyle base.



(Please pardon my bad voiceover, tried my best. Really not my forte)


Here’s a video using war gear against 5 top RL bases continuously, using the same exact technique:-





very good. It works, but I need to get the hang of it. I do not have enough time

And I melted 2 given paladin helmets from uber chests for pearls, didn’t know it’s useful now ?

Try to use up all the free granny reroll during the granny event that’s about to start. You’ll never know, sometimes granny offers uber items and you might find that helmet again.

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

@LacunaC, awesome video (and voiceover!). Imagine how easy it is now with the Donkey!