Background of health recovery

Hi all,

can anyone tell me if there is any option to increase health recovery for the king?

I have 10,5k health 7,5k leadership, still the king recovers health very very slowly. Without a protective spell I could not survive strong bases. What could be the reason?

Thx in advance.

There’s none. He always recover hp on the same time.

If you are struggling to recover quickly.maybe frost effects how slowly you recover. so kill frosters fast. If you see him it’s probably too late, he should of already been dead.


Another way to help is by pressing scream to recover quicker, it gets rid of frost effect to help regenerate


I find that standing still also helps to recover, just make sure you ask that ogre nicely to swing his club elsewhere.


But you are going to need a heal/shield/stun spell for maximum results

Thx. Indeed screem seems to increase health recovery. It might be just a presumption but based on the tests I did it seems that the recovery at scream is the double of that of a standing king, which is quite low.