Backside of castle gate

Hey guys, I’ve always been curious how the back side of the castle gate looks. In case you too, take a look at the spoiler.  



How did you do that? What I did to see the back of the castle gate was I pinpointed the 3d files then put them into a 3d viewing program and rotated the camera around them. But what is that? Hacking the camera angle?


WTF! awesome pics. cant say this is something ive been curious about but looks like a neat easter egg you’ve got there :stuck_out_tongue:



I already changed back my path before opening this topic :grinning:

So, happy egg hunting! :slight_smile:


Saaaaay florian I can go for a new base layout, let me see it


edit: for some reason most of the important places in the layout has ruins in my kingdom

Maybe mirroring it can help? I also have lots of ruins left in my base, though I cleared out most of them in one area.