Bacon nation is recruiting

Hi guys,

We are currently an 800 level alliance and have 6 to 7 openings. When the vacancies get filled up we should reach level 600.

We are looking at players who play regularly and actively participate in the alliance wars. We want to win and want players that play everyday.

You can look us up and apply.


Send invitations like crazy… As many as you can…


Good luck to you…

Just joined :slight_smile:

Any rules in your alliance?

Welcome asjoli…only rule is to participate in alliance wars.

A bit more information about our alliance - we are a level 18 alliance and if everyone donates about 2 million in a few days we should reach level 19 and get ranged boom towers. Which will be awesome during the alliance wars. Looking forward to some enthusiastic kings and queens to join us!


Just bumping up the thread…we have reached level 19 and are having a Great War season so far. We should win it. We have two spots remaining and would like active players preferably level 60 or up as it would help balance our alliance. Just pm me if you are interested and meet the requirement.

Have a great day and enjoy RR2!!!