Bad Blacksmith ever

Dear Kings & Queens,

From Thursday 15th September until Friday 16th September, the Blacksmith will help you getting stronger!

X3 Pearl outcome from melting down items (x5 before)

Time to meltdown items is reduced by 30% (-50% before)

FG please explain why did you change the condition of the Blacksmith event.

We are waiting for a long time for the even but the new condition make us crazy.


I like the new feature added of maximum 12h cooldown on pearl forges. You can add +2 forge in 1 day. Fair enough trade off I’d say.

it was altered so flare could get back that crappy compensation they paid out cuz of their crappy bug in minja event

I think that’s because of the good amount of pearls you’ll be getting in the ninja events.

Buddy, you should change your avatar :grinning:  Or once a predator always a predator? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha… Welcome to the forums! I haven’t confirmed my new home yet.  :grinning:

Hahaha well maybe @LordBarnot can make a new avatar for you with MatLab lol

Well, MatLab has a tool to make graphics, so why not?  :lol:

I guess @LordBarnot had made his latest piece of art with MatLab: