'Bad Connection' Culprit to Loss

So I made a raid late this afternoon, everything is fine right in the middle of the game. Then suddenly, there was a power failure. I’m playing on my laptop, Win 8, but the wireless router shutsdown. Of course, the internet connection was cut off. The game continous and I finished the game with three crowns, a victory nonetheless. Right after the game, since my connection was cut off, the message ‘Bad Connection’ pops up and the game restarts.

The result, i lose the battle (which I won) and also lost 40+ trophies and to mention food.

Question, what does the flaregames is doing about it? Can I retrieve back what lost I lost? (I think I can’t though.)

Actually, the game should still award you the trophies and the gold that you managed to achieve until the point where your connection was lost. Are you sure that nothing was awarded for the battle?

Yes, I am pretty sure that there were no rewards. Because right after the internet connection was restored, I check back in and only greeted by ‘my queen’ for attacks.

I am actually expecting that the Treasure Chamber because I didn’t close the game, I just minimized it but nothing. Nothing whatsoever. Only lost trophies and food.


Thanks for the reply though. :grinning:

As stated in our gameplay FAQ, the loot you earned should be awared to you as soon as you reconnect:



_ Q: _

_ I was attacking another player a battle but was disconnected during the battle. What happens to my loot? _


_ A :_

If you get disconnected during a battle, you will not lose the loot that you gained up until this point. The system keeps track of how much you earned during the battle, up until the point at which you disconnected. It also automatically adds this loot to your account as soon as you reconnect.



It is possible that you missed this happening or that it actually didnt work. If so, this is a bug that needs to be addressed.

Well, it certainly didn’t work this time. A fix is a great move.

It’s the very first time it happened to me though. If it happens again next time, it could be very frustrating.


Thanks. Looking forward for more great stuff on RR2.

this happened to me just today actually but the thing is i was far into the base and it wasnt a strong one so is it possible for me to lose trophies to a disconnection?

@killemog: Possibly. But the thing is, did you lose trophies? What have you noticed after you’ve reconnected?

i didnt pay enough attention to it when it happened just got a lil annoyed ill be on the look out now tho

Since i updated the game on windows phone, it has started crashing again and again. is there a solution?

@MaxIsle: Flare, for sure, is finding ways on fixing these kinds of problems. We have to wait for the updates.

Ok, thanks for the help.  :slight_smile: