Bad connections

I would like to address this issue me having 2 accounts it happens so many times and I am tired of it when you reach the end and you crash the gate with time left before the game calls victory the game tells you bad connection and you lose about 15 points when you were really a winner seriously I am doubtful about this since my other equipment is still working on the wifi do you disconnect us from the server purposely to make us spend more you are certainly say no but I have my doubts about this cause it happens to often and I have high speed internet with very good equipment.

Funny I never have bad connection when I buy gems on my credit card with you guys 

If you just wait you’ll almost always reconnect. 

Yes but you still lose the points and have no record were they went because the game does not record it like when it does in regular play not losing connection I’m sure I’m not sure the only one who is experiencing this issue.

I usually find that the “bad connection “ thing just takes some patience while you wait for a better signal. If you starte your match with internet and moved out of WiFi/cellular range during the match, then nothing is going to help you, you can’t connect. But if you just have a weak or spotty signal it always picks it up, in my experience. Might take a minute thoug.