Bad match up in conquest

Name :Sara Queen92

alliance : DeathDealerz1

Reasons why the match up in conquest is bad.

  1. The difference in power between the four alliances is big (8/28/70/81) at least you should consider the alliance ranking as we got alliance viet nam which is ranked 7 or 8 in tire 2 while they should be in the first tire +250 .
  2. Alliances with almost the same name should not be put in the same map as its clear that they will team up as we got Viet Nam and AE Viet Nam! on the same map .

The result of this two reasons is full support from viet nam ranked 8 to ae viet nam! ranked 81 that made them the 2nd alliance in score and we deathdealers1 ranked 28 become the third in score while the forth alliance Merclend`s Br ranked 70 is out of the competition .

i sent some photos to show how the map looks like .