Hello friends, I hope you are very well and enjoying the conquest

For the second time we have a very strong alliance, we still have not discovered the other 2 …
I had already mentioned it before, to which NO ONE answered anything.

We discovered an alliance of level 80, with 41 players over 3000 drinks … how do you compare such an alliance against my alliance level 52 with only 10 players over 3000 drinks.

This is already too much, we are tired of error after error.

More than 3 years in this game and had never been so unhappy as today, since they started with the conquests have not done anything right, do 1 thing well and do 5 wrong.

As one person commented on another topic, the fact that a level 80 alliance has gone badly in the first two conquests does not mean that it is bad or weak, they can not be based on that and match them with level 52 alliances, it sounds foolish to think that such a pairing will be good for everyone.

With all respect to the one I address to you, I demand that you also respect us as your players, clients, or whatever you want to call us.

I hope that now if you take the trouble to answer me and explain in detail what they are based on for matching the conquest (and if you can put it in SPANISH) @Madlen

Same on our map we have the number 15 alliance. Along with number 177.

The matching is as bad as wars ever were!

yes but we only have 8 players , how did we get in the match?


hmm. almost feel bad for op.  you actually have almost legitimate complaint.

kuska, with an alliance that most likely only takes 1 million donations, has only 2 players under 3k, more than half alliance 3.5k + and what looked like 10 4k players i dont see why you are as weak as you make yourself out to be. my guess is howl is at least level 7 and maybe even have phoebe 2. stacked with boosts as well.

buck up and shell out them gems or simply make an agreement.

kingedwin, ahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahhahhaaahahahahhahahahaahhahahahhaahaahahahahahaaahahaaahah.


I instructed it to end without cost. Aslan777 are about 250th alliance. Members are overwhelmingly small.
They will not moving to an alliance but stop the game. :slightly_frowning_face: Still we are trying to play. Please stop making sad  from matchmaking. For what reason is there a clear intent or malice? What is the reason why we have to lose?


If this is an anonymous opponent and it is the same power, our allied game is worth fighting expenses.

Do you like unpleasant war games where matching like bullying · negotiations like bullying happens?

If you do not have the word “fair” in your dictionary, it would be better not to raise the flag of the country and make a game like the Olympics.

Bad map too, terrible, snail move, almost similar to CQ 1, dead boring waiting

I AM NOT SURE HOW TO TAKE THAT ? shell out gems ? some of us who play dont buy in , cant afford , bit love the game , MABE F;are should separate buyers from real life players, just a thought

well the rich can win this game , hands down ! But the poop peeps that play , well , you figure that ! poor peeps . like me , but with lil I have I support my team , so win or loose we did it together , thats what makes US family!!!


YAP ! map is too big , we want fights today , not in 3 days of waiting ,


Sure the level 80 alliance with 58 players over 4000 , many over 5000 ! Really compares to level 61 alliance with 10 players over 4k. 

WHATEVER…conquest is a joke.

My team also stays together win or lose. We are also family. Anxious for regular war to start.


seriously you are so right ! ; Flare Is manipulating the game . it is like rigged dice , go ahead and roll???


for argument sake, the map is not too big. it is actually just right…finally. and the added skulls and buildings make it possible for a decent leader to capitalize the situation and build in correct areas for unlocking prizes and totaling enough points to actually finish well. or just unlock enough prizes before the wave of tears from butthurt typhoon washes that away.

I for one believe flare got this one correct. tyvm. tyvm. tyvm.


and for no arguments sake, its possible kuska is simply in the wrong tier. simple.

Please announce the alliance’s matchup table as evidence of fair games.

This should try to search for all Allied conquest matches.

Whether or not a deliberate game is organized
To be uncertain, we can not recruit new friends by blogging.

There is no hiding anything if the game is fair by the system.

You can think of suspicion that only one intermediate level alliance will be added to the TOP alliance as if it were a sacrifice? Does this have a back deal?
That is to make it possible to search all matches.

When you combine any game, you see the skill.
“TOP 1 - 50” “50 - 100” “100 - 150” “200 - 300” 300 or less

It is natural to form a match considering differences in ability.
Who will seriously do the match between the team of professional soccer players and the team of children?

If you do not trust the alliance ranking, you can collect data on results of alliance warfare and sort out your skill.

I am very dissatisfied why the alliance like a sacrifice gets combinations every time in an alliance game or conquest. In case
It is impossible to understand why it is not possible to combine one alliance with different words and to negotiate.

Since there is also a favor, it is said that we want you to stop matching such matches and negotiable conditions.

言語.PNG Why does it only work in English, even though there is a support language for this?

To be fair is important not only for those who can communicate in English



The fourth alliance is number 42.
In three conquests and wars… I have distrust and suspicion in matching.
It is not about the scale of the alliance. It is more strange.
“I think that the opponent has been decided intentionally every time”.

Please be able to search all alliances games. you should be able to search all the conquests and matches made in all wars.

In ordinary games, you should make sure that everyone can see the history of the game.

It is natural to offer fair games no matter who sees as a game management company.
Even more money is used to buy a gem.
There is no reason anyone can be lost to be defeated undoubtedly.

“Make it possible to find out which alliance is forming a match with which alliance”
Please make sure that parts that are uncertain and always suspicious are shown to be “fair and equitable” from the operation.

If any fight is fair it is normal to understand.
You should pay particular attention to this point when playing against other countries.
Without this we can not prove that nothing is biased preferential treatment or discrimination.

I want to prove to the Japanese that it is a good game considered for all users.

I keep keeping a record of the game on my blog.
But who do you want to play with this each time?
I would like to  avoiding the fact that the record keeps proving that unreasonable matching will continue to taste in the game.

We do not need confidentiality or suspicion in “game”.
It is not business. Everyone can play comfortably.
It is a competition game, but it is not a business.
As we expand into multinational citizens, we must be able to enjoy and understand any kind of alliance anywhere in the same way.

if you can’t understand how their simple “last 3 conquests score moving average” formula is never going to work, then you are a lost cause.

Please don’t come here just to troll other people who are frustrated with having absolutely nothing to do for 8 days because of the formula flare insists on using, without merely testing it beforehand to see how its gonna pair up alliances.

It’s not about people being in higher tiers than they should, it’s about alliances being in lower tiers than they should + huge imbalances on the individual players level. Or how you would explain us being in the 200-249 tier fighting two top 15 alliances, while we roam from 50 to 100 rank wise? Plus, you take a 5000+ trophy player, and he can go into battle against 4-5 guys that can’t even score 50 skulls on him, completely breaking the game on the individual level of battles on the map.

Agree can say its ridiculous to be expected to bother with conquest when setup against alliances clearly stronger where victory is simply not possible.

Whats point in participating in conquest if match making for alliances you fight against is so vast you cant actually win.

Must be very boring for the higher alliances to win without having to do anything.

It’s a risk vs reward system, if you keep scoring points to be/stay in the second tier, it’s seems normal that you will face top 50 alliances…

We (#277th lvl) alliance are fighting (29th lvl) alliance ?? common flare,