Bad move making hammerstrike so strong!

Since you added damage to hammerstrike they can now kill Basilisk with one hammerstrike. So now Basilisk is useless. I’d say that now you need to buff Basilisk and make it 50% or 25% weak to blunt otherwise Basilisk is a useless item! Thanks for having your brains up your asses and not thinking things through. Pisses me off that you do such dumb things why don’t you consult with members before doing such idiotic stuff? 


On the contrary, Hammerstrike was completely worthless prior to this buff so this was a good move to make it stronger. I do believe you are right though in saying that they need to put a little more health on Basilik after this

lol before everybody complained that hammerstrike was too weak, now everybody complains it’s too strong. And y’all are wondering why flare ignores player feedback. :lol:

I dont have an issue with strong spells but forged boosted basilisk to go down from one hammerstrike is a mistake


Theres a lack of BALANCE in flares moves. If you buff one thing you have to make sure you dont buff it too much or you need to buff other things as well so it doesnt create anything thats overpowered. The issue of balance has been a problem for years with this game.


The way to fix this is to make sure everything is balanced BEFORE you release the update, not after

Flare has zero sense of balance things are either changed to become completely useless or completely OP.

The changes are rarely if ever slowly adjusted and having any feedback.  Just boom up or down 

Completely worthless? I have been using hammerstrike for years as one of my primary attacks. Not worthless at all! But year it is annoying they did this. Even worse that beast can be attacked by cannons. What is the use of building something up if they are just going to nerf it later? 

Hammerstrike has always been a very useful spell in certain senarios, when used properly.   I believe it is a spell that is under appreciated by upper level players. 

However, hammerstrike was fine where it was, +20% across the board would have been suitable but +93% at max is crazy. 

Still, I think the main issue with hs was always how players used it versus how strong it was. Players thinking to use it like they do sonic are the ones who have issues. 

wah wah wah… have u not figured out that they op something one week then nerf something the next.   Its all to line their pockets.  So fall into the program or quit. they make a ton a money for a reason they have us all fooled.  Nothing has changed.   Check back next week for the next whine and nerf item.  

They can make hammerstriker one shot Doom Gate and max howl beast if they want and I still wont use it ? 


A max forged Hammerstrike can’t one-shot a max forged Basilisk Tower. There is about 15% Health left.

Theoretically, the Hammertrike power should be half of the Sonic Blast power. It is currently more than half on the last 3 levels of the spell, the reason is that you almost have 6secs of cooldown between the 1st half and the 2nd half of the power (the obstacle can be healed in-between), and that it doesn’t last 3secs (you can’t touch multiple obstacles). So it has to be more than half the power to be balanced.

We also answer another community request by providing an easier solution against Basilisk Tower around the gate in wars. If one enemy uses 2 Basilisk Towers around the gate, run ahead, Hammerstrike + finish it with the tower with the hero, then go to the other one and do the same!

I will continue to read all the feedbacks, thank you :slight_smile:


How much health does a Max Forged basilisk tower have?

I would even suggest that basilisk should not be invulnerable, even not the tail.

Main problem is time to wait till head appears again when head jumps back into the ground. That it costs 5+ seconds before head appears again is just too long. It’s unacceptable that during that period of time the plant can’t be damaged.  The tail should at least be accepting 50% of the damage, so that the basilisk can be taken care of. 



Its that invulnerable state that makes it viable in bases so I have no complaints, in fact I feel it is actually a little weak especially now that archer doesnt get petrified anymore

Like Fii Nami said, this is part of the strategy and concept of this tower, you need the right timing to destroy it and go ahead with your hero on purpose (and take the risk to die) to activate it before your units come to help. Or you can use the Hero scream so your units don’t pass it once they are in front of it.

It is also designed this way so you need to face it, you can’t destroy it from the opposite path. This is creating new possibilities of designs as well… I have faced some very tough new designs since they have been introduced :wink:

Okay, makes sense.

Nevertheless by making that tail a little bit vulnerable it needs also strategy, since you would also need more time to take it down when tail is up. When a spell can do little damage against a tail, you can’t take it also out from opposite side, although cannons and ranged troops would be able to. I understand the reason, but why not make the constraint invulnerable till head showed up? Then you also need to get close to it first time, before you can take it out. 

Main problem is that it takes too long when you can’t take it out in time. Raid for example with blizzard, shield and firestorm and non ranged troops without ogres. Complete base is easily beatable, but since that basilisk gets no scratch from blizzard and firestorm can’t take it out in time, you almost are forced to use two firestorms (so you need to wait 13 seconds!) to take it out. So players are literally forced to use either sonic blast or hammerstrike to take care of the basilisk.

That’s why after the head popped up, either time under ground must be limited to less seconds. We must already wait till head shows up and health bar appears. 


That’s fine, but the gate tactic is something no one enjoys, and adds nothing to the game, it means people can’t use dragons, paladins or archers as they destroy the gate too fast, and you can’t “run ahead” of a dragon, the doom gate is a joke that most alliances drop as soon as they can all due to the “gate tactic” that the entire game seems to revolve around now, it’s frustrating as the battle to the gate is very fun and interesting, just at the gate it becomes:

  1. Run ahead, hope the last ninja’s don’t insta-kill you, and a wolf doesn’t appear and howl just as you get there
  2. Hang around and get hit by the tail, use spell, run away fast and scream, hoping the troops pay attention to the scream, hopefully the doom gate (if active) will kill half the army so the gate gets destroyed slower
  3. Run back through army, rinse/repeat on the other side
  4. Scream back again, just in case, because you can’t see one side from the other and one might have survived
  5. Run back again and finish off any remaining

It’s not particularly skilful or hard to do, but is overly affected by random chance, making it a frustrating rather than fun playing experience.

Any chance of making Vikings and Necros even slightly usable in offence? (in war gear, against 2 defensive boosts).