Before was always that time of a strike was the same as a time between to make a new strike, now is is so that at beginen we must make two strikes of 1 and 2 skulls and at the last strike will open only 3 and 4 skulls islands and to make a strike at 5 skulls is impossible. Is it a bag or you chang the gsme rulles? What is it???

The incursion war has strike length the same as cooldown length. This one is different. 

But it was never so that to make 5 skulls is impossible. Last duell war was easy to have a 5 skulls strike.

I noticed that too:


as far as i can remember the length of at least intrusion was designed to last longer and the duration of this wars have been shortened down to 2 days. i guess the duration of each strike have not been adopted. i am ok with that. better than any changes to the stable war system now and maybe problems again… 

“99 little bugs in the code… 99 little bugs in the code… take one down, patch it around… 137 little bugs in the code“ :grinning:

They changed that after the first duel. This is the third. 

I agree that it’s weird that there are now islands on the map that you can’t strike, but it’s ok. 

Yeah. I think I remember the Duel switching from 3 to 2 days after the first time. I pointed it out after the second, thinking that maybe the strike length should have been shortened too. But 5 skull is so hard these days that it doesn’t matter much anyway