Balance Changes

Well if those change only and only apply for level 110+ its ok. But not change or anything for low and medium range. The game is already broken.Not really normal i can destroy a entire full boosted base with Pro Boost alone with no boost and no troops and just Hammerstrike and Tammy. I think I have make a video about this. Its really sad for the defender who cannot defend himself until level 90-100.

as u said “u need to stay still der” which is pretty suicidal for both the king nd the troops that follow u.also der is no counter for lighting dmg,u can’t use scream or howl to remove the effects.also as i mentioned a well placed healtower focusing its healing on LT will take 3 shots,@FTB can check it himself

I understand bro,how abt this…all the changes suggested r only for those who have max leveled nd forged? Seems fair enough if u ask me.u can put up good suggestions too,wen i started this game 3-3.5yrs ago its was very tough for new players. 

I think that was more fun before 3.0.0 come out. No pals. The challenge was there. Now just with 2 spells you can destroy all until level 80-90. the 3rd spells is close useless lol. I don’t know what the game need in low and medium but something to counter pal for sure. Pal make offense too much OP. fast like that maybe just a new tower can solve the problem. Something between Bomb Tower and Frost Tower something more powerful then that. Because low and medium must wait to have Frost Tower at level 15 to start to be useful. You don’t have Monk before level 60. Wait to have Snake Tower and Firebolt at level 9 need time. So what left? spike lol

the problem are the same like OR section. Everyone are max. Low player don’t have much. So I cannot exchange idea with someone else here. What a low player think,etc… its cool improve top players or very high player level problem. I want to solve low and medium problem too :slightly_frowning_face:

The thing is the pal is really good for high lvl.its needs to deal that much damage.

bt as u mention in mid nd low gameplay its way too easy,i think it’s because the cost of pal treat need to upgrade the pal to lvl 6 is very low.low nd mid lvl players can easily lvl up their pal to 6-7 nd gamer the entire trust me at high lvl ull find pals power very important 

i think I will hurry to up my trophy range. So boring where I am same level 90 are easy to beat with Irmgard.


It would help if you detail out the balance changes that you want to propose instead of just commenting on mine, i.e. what balances should be made to low or mid level.


My comments were obviously for the top level, and it can be easily be exclusively for top players only. There are so many creative ways to incorporate those ideas without touching low to mid level. For example, vikings’ shield idea can be made available only with highest level boost. All the range increase as suggested are only applicable with max level/ highest level boosts.


Not all top players are jerks. This isn’t the only game I play, and I certainly went through level 1 to 129 before reaching level 130.


Flare may or may not listen, that’s their job. On your part, you can make things easier for them though, by listing down all your proposed changes to be considered.

I will try let me think…change in low and Medium Trophy 1-2500. Level 1-90

1.New Tower like a Flame Tower. Something to stop and counter pal power. A flame tower like in Olympus Rising should do the job. When you are close in the range the tower throw a wall of Flame in all direction and throw it each 5 seconds. Not necessary be the same but similar. Available with inventor Workshop level 5

2.New troop like a Magician who do Lightning or a Bear something with 4 or 5 morales. Who will give a better defense wave. The only decent unit is Monk and take until level 60 to unlock it. So for level 2-59 this game need a more powerful troop who will give a little trouble to the attacker who don’t have high level spell or don’t have unlock his 3rd spell. Available with Academy Troops Level 5. After Pyromancer

3.Maybe give something useful for the spike. Not too much strong but a War Season boost maybe like a Heal Spike each troop who walk on it are healed or a Shield Spike. Receive a maximum of 1000 HP damage before the shield broke. This will make spike a little more dangerous and useful combine with Frost Spike. A lot more defense in low and medium range

4.Of course like Maerique have try to point out many time. Arrow Tower need a rework. Maybe a new design. Make it useful at low and medium range. Make it by example shoot only the king or in forge add a double speed perk maybe. at +30 the arrow speed drop the King HP at 20% or less in 10 seconds. if you receive 6 arrow you must hurry to destroy them fast

5.Now that the offense is OP. defender have problem to defend themselve. So up in trophy is pretty hard. You just gain few and lose it 30 minutes after. So you turn around during week and week. So the trophy for low and medium should be up by default around 8. 12 for a little more hard base. at 3-6 its not enough. in Defense you should lose equal to the offense like 8-12. I lose between -6 and -9

6.Maybe up the number of treats needed to level up pals for level 1 to 6. We can level them too much high and maybe that the problem. So level 2 should be at 3,000. level 3 at 5,000, level 4 at 10,000, level 5 at 15,000,level 6 at 20,000. So if you want a powerful pal you need to be connect to pal treats or participate to Ninja event. That will make some players more active

should be ok like this with that. the defense will be better


Since you haven’t seen anyone using black magic against you in the past year, I attacked you today. Check your attack history. I did it just for you :wink:  @LacunaC

=.=" why did you go and break my “no-black-magic-on-my-attack-history record”

just lyk bladestorm,black magic is also a good counter for lighting towers.plz don’t suggest to nerf that too? 

Cause I felt like black magic needs some love :slight_smile:

Even with just fixing so called problems with high levels will have adverse affects on lower levels since all levels interact with each other.

Some of the suggestions are just bad here and seem to be asked just to amplify ones personal play. The firestorm is already weak for example. So just keep adjusting away and making things even more out of whack. 

Still looking to have those gate towers removed from game that these clowns want done and the blockades and barricades remove since they are not towers as my wants to show how ridiculous these things are.

The solution is simple and has been given before but is ignored by FLARE. In short 1+1 = 2 not any other number just 2. 

Stop nerfing and buffing shit and fix the dang game like so many have called for. 

I’m at level 108 and do not play as much as used to for this very reason. Trophy range does not mean shit either wake up FTB are u busting luds over there.

Same thing happened with trophy protection. Top file and rank whine about being stripped by inferior lower players and how can we protect them. Oh we will say you cannot get trophy from them now. So lets remove this protection and fix rest of game.


I think that this game is more balanced than most of the other games. There are different stages in the game with different strategies, weaknesses and strengths. Adapt to that and learn to play.

If some units are too strong for you: Use them!
If some Towers are too hard to defeat: Build them!
If some spells are too powerful: Cast them!

Most of the players are just too lazy to adapt their strategy to changing conditions.

Why bladestorm

Soo u r saying indirectly,  that the spell u r not using , make it weak.


Sometimes ago, the toxic became weak ,now this 


So make the demand to remove all the spell

They are constantly rebalancing the game.

My advice: Don’t ever rely on a single spell, unit or tower!
Upgrade and forge all of them.

an experienced player never relies on 1 combo.having said that,BLADESTORM is good as it is.y? Cos its only effective against 2 towers nd barricades.also its effective against 3 doing its job by taking out support structure nd those who have filled their base with LT nd heal tower should stop crying,nd adapt nd put some heave attack towers.

Lol, what u want 

Nobody can beat anybody base