balance changes

so “blade storm” a spell that’s suppose to b strong against blocks nd lighting towers is nerfed so that it doesn’t do its job properly.

pro pal that can’t copy wolf or Viking since max moral is 15,flare try testing out before nerfing  spells nd pals so that they stop doing their job,players have spent tons of pearls on these things for specific reason.lots of players will lose interest if things they invest on gets nerfed for wrong reasons

FG clearly doesn’t know how to balance the game, just look how long offense was overpowered. For many many months

Ofc, they had to buff defense, nothing wrong about that, but some things that didn’t need a nerf, got nerfed. Nerfing Ceres was the right move, nerfing it that much probably not. Nerfing blunt damage is also not good, cause it makes hammerstrike and also ogres much weaker now. Why nerf raging wolf and stunning ogre, were they overpowered? I don’t think so

Good thing is that it will make defense strong again. Defenses were a joke before the update. Will it be balanced, probably not. Many things got an immediate buff, plus an additional level, which means that most things got 2 additional level

But to me, it seems like fg never tests their changes in game, about balancing the game. They just buff and nerf on request without testing it

How much it will effect raiding, we’ll see in a month, when most things are back to max, plus filled with the conquest boosts. In general, bases should be very tough now

Have fun everyone

What? you try to say after Bladestorm be buffed and be OP they nerfed it again? what the hell they doing? Nerf Necromancer, Buff them and be OP, again in 4.0 they buff them. Nerf Pro boost for firebolt. Boost Firebolt in 4.0,etc… what they doing? I understand now why each game die one by one. They have no clue how to balance a game. I understand now why Olympus Rising is breaking at this point too. Everything they touch turn in disaster 

You will need tons of gems to win your raids against high level bases.

They gave themselves a balance for their sales

Same procedure as … ?

Lacuna beat me and seems it was easy

im sure we will learn how are to beat

This is such a sad day in the history of Royal Revolt…  :slightly_frowning_face:

Every change they did up until now was to grab as much money as they can.

Pro-ceres? No longer Pro! Nice try on making me buy Nemesis, but know what Flare? Not gonna happen!

Heck, they even disabled free pro-ticket donations to force people to buy them!!!

What did they do against this gate tower strategy? They buffed those tower ?

Have fun next war. Two maxed out sonic blasts are not enough against a not maxed out bomb tower!!?


I’m just waiting to try the new Conquest mode.

If it isn’t fun nor rewarding…

That may be the last drop for me.

This day has become a sad day…

The only good “update” right now, wasn’t an update…

It was the ninjas rewards being given once more 

I have a feeling you will not be alone soon. Flare kill it for good. Many players will leave and stop. Its just unplayable and not fun anymore

Last nail in the coffin indeed

Paying players request: Free players are too smart in managing free occasions and have become too strong and they beat our expensive b-as(s)es too often!

Easy solution from FailGames: bring back bladestorm range to the old good times, when you had to use firestorm and die because it takes forever to cooldown.

Final solution from FairGames:

  • nerf Ofre;
  • nerf Werewolf;
  • uber ultra nerf Cerere (thanks btw, I saved 25k crystals, I was just thinking to buy it lol)
  • buff of the towers;
  • buff of the barricates/blockades, demoting the description of bladestorm;
  • small buff to the power of the still not usable firestorm (its problem is the c o o l d o w n);
  • debuff of hammerstrike (poor hammestrike, just recently recovered by the players and killed once again without mercy!)
  • buff and debuff of sonic blast, still to understand if the global effect is positive or negative.



by the way its something we know it that will happen. We have predict it in the past when Flare have invest to develop 30 more games. At this moment we have said check they will ignore and neglect all those previous games and make them die one by one to focus on those new 30 games

What happen its exactly what we have said few month ago. Evoker will be deleted August 22nd, Dawn of steel follow. Wartide was deleted last year. Throne of Wars deleted last year and probably other will follow like Nonstop Knight or Zombie gunship. They kill all their previous game to focus on flick Arena and others new games. So they have decided to nerf all to make sure no one will left and like we have predicted few month ago. Version 4.0 will milk for the last time all players with all P2W content. Its all exactly what we have said few month ago. Happen right now. Flare are so predictable like WWE are

The Best:

Last weeks I saw a lot of offers with Ceres pal ? 50€

What do they do?

They nerf it ?


Flare makes a fool of their customers

Sadly not for longer when no one will left the game


Before vs After these balance changes.

Some people had already spent gems to send resources to the stronghold. And now they can’t send anything.

Found this on Facebook 



Flare probably should have positioned this more as bumps on defense rather than nerfs on offense :slight_smile:

In my opinion everyone shouldn’t be using the exact same spells and troops, so maybe this is a way to spread it out a bit. shrug.

my lvl 8 ceres can’t do nothing … i can’t win a single raid like phoebe is more useful now atleast try nerf 1 stat not the whole pal rang howl spirit  health of copied troops cooldown and more why ? i lost interesting in this game already  they are forcing us to buy nemesis or what ? i can’t win raids i don’t have aska or nidhogg to use instead of my ceres now i can’t play this game thanks flare u are losing players 

they bump defense and nerf  offense  this is called balancing -_- wtf flare how to have fun now ? te war season gonna suck big time