Balance defence/attack

Do you think its balance? 17 cant win 1!!!

Just quardian of tower hold 17! Players

you should do something with this strange thing

no balance vs 

It is normal in the 1st hour.

The SV mechanik was changed because people complained about the time zone thing. So SV nerly impossible to achive at the beginning of the war.

To give the oponent a bit time to attack.

Its like 3-4 hour


nothing notmal here

time zone is good answer, agree

but still balance are joke

My alliance just got a supreme victory in like 10 minutes.

I think it was a 2 or 3vs1 (guard tower).

I think no research, not in forest, no tropps and etc

While we were on the good end of this attack, because all the defence tech was at the beginning of the tree, we didn’t get to the attack tech (which would have required hundreds of thousands of gems), so we basically couldn’t attack ANYONE all war, just had to sit back and watch towers being built and being held by 1 or 2 people while sitting lame.

It’s hard to know what the developers were thinking with ultra defensive conquest tiles as well, the whole thing was just one big gigantic mess, it seems conquest has gotten worse since it started rather than better.

What was the total Troop count  for both teams??

If those 17 players had very less troops, there is a high chance this can happen easily given that only an hour has passed.

Top alliances. All full of troops

In this conquest,it was easier to research on defense rating(heroes),defense rating(troops),defense modifier.Also,it is located on a forest tile along with an additional tower defense modifier.

There were not many research available for attacks (2 for attack rating far to be researched actually) if I remember correctly.

? 2 for attavk rating was the key researches.

no matter 17 vs 1 is a joke