Balance for new player and fix Ajax

I think that you should to help new player can upgrade building faster to <lv.100, fair for them with old player, so many old player was going to quit game, please help new player to make this game keep aliving… 

And Hope you consider to fix Ajax, Ajax don’t have any skills to agaisnt Nyx, and he’s a burden in Odyseus Adventure

As a 2-month newbie, I would say the timers here are actually alright. Took me some 60 days to reach lvl 90, that involving decent amount of prestige farming. As long as you have a good alliance, providing buffs and strategies, it is possible to farm some gems, get some workers and speed the things up enough not to feel crap about it.

Ajax and Athena both need a buff, though.

Yeah, i am in for Ajax… had to cut him from my war team, really sad to see him trying so hard to be outplayed by… Jackson. Cant loose to heroes like that. By the way, and sry for side questions, do we know if this is the small or the big Ajax?

Ajax first power lvl up, should lvl up his other 4 powers too.  This might be a solution…Otherwise he is a crap…  

The heroes I see attack me most often are Hercules, Cadmus, ariadne, Jason, and Odysseus. I almost never see Ajax, Athena, or Prometheus.   

Here’s some better data. Still not a huge sample size, but better than just going off my memory:

In my alliance this war, of 48 players: Hercules: 30

Athena: 21

Perseus: 17

Achilles: 13

Cadmus: 12

Ajax: 11

Jason: 10

Ariadne: 9

Prometheus: 8

Helen: 6

Odysseus: 5



Where are the other 18 Hercs hiding? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi DuyTran91!

I want to answer your question regarding increasing the speed at which buildings are built.what you are suggesting will destroy the balance of the game as this game is about patience .You have to be patient with the game just play the game and enjoy it. Ajax and other heroes all have there own strength and weaknesses ,you just have to play the game and find their strengths and exploit them.Once you know how you want to play your Heroes,You will love to play with Ajax 

You can use whirlwind with frenzy to destroy   Nyx towers, and he’s not a  burden in Odyssey Adventure** ,in fact he is one of the strongest heroes in the game(In my opinion even stronger than Hades )and in some cases you can use shield slam to destroy Nyxs tower.Also Ajax have 3 troop slot keep one slot for trebuchet and other two for any other troops that you like.**

What level are you? I think everything you said was true before helios towers were introduced and the level cap on defenses was raised. And I think it’s still true for lower levels, although Ajax isn’t nearly as useful as he used to be and is still very time consuming to level.

Ajax feels like a burden for me, facing lvl 100s mostly and he just doesnt make it to the gate in time to smash it without gems. Maybe it is equipment that is an issue, but Hercules with equal stats feels way better

Have to agree with Dumpster and Infamous, Ajax used to be great, then post nerf was still usable even if less fun, but after the update that raised defenses he really lost it at high levels. Unfortunately as you keep raising your level you’ll find out that, as he is now, he’ll become a parking hero. Which is really sad considering the enormous amount of time you gotta spend on him with his 5 powers :confused:

Shame really, used to be one of my favourites.


Ajax feels like a burden for me, facing lvl 100s mostly and he just doesnt make it to the gate in time to smash it without gems. Maybe it is equipment that is an issue, but Hercules with equal stats feels way better

Hi dumpster, Infamous and Dheth

we all are entitled to our opinions and in opinion I still consider Ajax a great hero(well I consider every single hero as unique and strong in this game)

My Ajax is at level 17 here are stats of Ajax(my ascension level is 87)

I am also facing opponents who are at level 110 or higher but still My Ajax beats them with ease.So this is what I do with Ajax,I use Trebuchets with Kratos archer/Atteas Minotaur/Akhlys Spearman and Polyphemus cyclops.Depending on my opponents defense layout.

Whenever I see Nyx tower with helios tower I make sure Ajax kills any unit that try to approach mine trebuchets.while they destroy nyxs tower.Once nyxs tower is destroyed I simply unleash Ajax to destroy the rest of my opponents defenses while calling reinforcements.There was this battle that I fought last week with Ajax my opponent was at Ascension level 112 ,Ajax literary destroyed mine opponents armies while Aeetas minotaur and Polyphemus cyclops were struggling to defeat Boreas Hydra,Astrapios Griffin and Medusa.

for Ajax I invest in petrify,stun,skill cool down,poison resistance,lightning resistance and fire resistance and of course he is a Shield bearer so he gets physical resistance from it + 10% from his unique bonus. 

right now he has 

5,505 Leadership

Health 98,732

Damage 3,007

speed 120%

34% fire, 45% lightning, 64 % physical,36 poison resistance

28% petrify chance,18% stun chance and 27% cool down bonus. 

I still love playing with Ajax.




Being unable to use Pheme (and Damocles) becomes a big issue when you’re facing some of the toughest defenses in the game and during odyssey adventures. 

Hi dumpster,

well what you are saying is true but I believe developers did this on purpose.They are giving chance to players to defend their islands and protect their hard earned trophies.As for odyssey,yes I to faced some difficulty with the level 8 odyssey but I think its all part of the just have to figure it out.

Well, I mean Ajax came out with a fixed slate of powers before helios towers were a thing, or even Nyx towers, and with a level cap of 115 in mind. The other heroes have been greatly buffed to deal with new defenses, and Ajax has really lagged behind. I’ve said it to other players, but there are balance issues with the high end game that lower level players don’t see. Ajax gets hit with that. And the dev team obviously realizes that, because they’ve been slowly buffing ajax back up after he got brutally last spring.