Balanced defence

Hi! i posted a message in facebook detailing my hardships while trying to defend a dozen of islands.

in continuation to that post, i want to understand how is it possible that a level 4 player, with a Lvl 1 Prometheus, just appeared in the nearest island of my base.

i had 3 waves, all level 3. each had 2 Sirens ( lvl1) and a Warrior (lvl2).

I had 4 orthia towers, 2 lvl2 and 2 lvl1,

I had 1 titan tower lvl1. 

I had 2 barricades lvl3 and another lvl2.

I tested my defenses with higher ranking heros and troops, and almost didn’t win it in time or even got defeated.


So, 3 questions:

1- Are the defenses on the island different?

2- How is possible that so many different players attack my islands?

3- Does a hero make any difference in defending? i’ve never met one while re-capturing a lost island.

thank you for your time explaining these things.



PS: now I upgrade  it too much that only higher level players appear. Now I’m losing all the time trying to get them back. I lose ambrosia and so many points per defeat is crazy… To regain the lost points I have to win 5 or 6 new islands. What have I done

Hello Pverde ,

A moderator will answer better than me to all your question but I have made some observation who may help you.  First of all,  except for defense boost by alliance , at the beginning of the game, It’s really easy to win, I have the same number of defense than you except that they are all to the best level possible and I often loose too.  However you may often win in defense but you don’t really know it. You receive no message when it happened, but you win domination point and trophees !  I won 100 trophees during the night.  You can also lose trophees when you lose an island where there is an Hero on it. But I don’t know if it’s harder to take an island with an hero on it or not.  Still I already attack more than an hundred times and I never meet an Hero against me.  So yes there is a lot of shadow about how the game work, but it’s quite normal for a new game!  We will learnt about it days after days, just keep playing and try to discover by yourself as much as you can :slight_smile:


There is a tips and tactics section that explains defended islands vs I defended. When an undefended island is attacked it can be easily won. The only time your actual created defense is used is when you have a hero on that island. Hope that helps.