Balancing: Cannon, Monk, and Spikes

I’m level 101.  And I’ve used the Canon in about 75% of my raids since I first unlocked it. 

Spikes I almost never use.

And Monks not so much yet. 

So I’m proposing several fixing…

First is the problem that Monks can’t hit Firebolt or Lighting Tower in the corner.  I’m not sure that Flare figured it out yet…  But Firebolt and Lighting Towers are placed basically in the center of a tile which is farther from the corner than the side.  So the Monk needs some increase in range.  Maybe only minimal.  I’d like him to have a range of like 3 personally, so he’d hang back with your archers and heal them.  

Second I’m proposing since the Monk is like the little King he ought to be able to attack Spikes.  He’s a monk with all that training and he can’t figure out how to do what a guy with a hammer does?

Third I’m proposing that the cannon should not be able to attack Spikes.  It really makes no sense for a projectile that fires straight forward to be able to hit a Spikes that lie flat on the ground.

I feel this will make the Spikes more of an option since Canons no longer destroy absolutely everything they’d be the one unique item in terms of the Cannon.  Also I feel this would round out the Monk and make him more dependable as the little King or Handyman.

Maybe in reality doesn’t make sense but for the game is important because Spikes are attacked only by:

  1. Ogre
  2. Cannon
  3. Monk
  4. Paladin
  5. Blazing Knight only lvl 4 or up.

4 of these 5 troops deal practically nothing to a boosted Spikes (only boosted ogre deal something meaningful to them) the rest take ages if you don’t create a group of 200 troops. Removing the target of Spikes from Cannons means give to much power to the Spikes.

Also we have few spells that can destroy a Spike (Hammerstrike, Sonic Blast and Bladestorm very very few damage). As you can see there isn’t so much variety. So then you realize that you have nothing to destroy them unless with your Hero.

What I’m saying it the Monk should do decent damage and the Cannon should not. 

It both makes sense and I think it balances better.

Tough Barricades are easily the most common Obstacle in the game.  Spikes aren’t nearly that common.

Cannons are very common.  To balance out Spikes make one of the most common elements do less damage to it.

Cannons already do few damage to Spikes to not make them completely OP, how much do you want reduce the damage of Cannons   ?

Also for this reason, Spikes are used as expedient to distract Cannons since Cannons are attracted first by Spikes and Barricades instead of towers, this is a property that add a mix of combinations if you want to build some good base designs.

Boost and max ur spikes,ur wolf is nothing when it step on it.died with huge hp.try it and u know the advantage of spike compare to other obstacles

Meng77, you are lecturing me about the value of Spikes…

But I just checked your base and you have 0…

So according to you they have 0 value.

And that’s my point.  I’m suggesting a rebalance that would hopefully get you excited about them enough to use them in your base.

Cannons are ok as they are, and maybe monks do need to deal a bit more damage, but remember that’s not their main strength, they special ability is healing, so damage isn’t the main characteristic of these guys. Also, only because you use a specific unit a lot, it doesn’t mean everyone does, so maybe more research on what are the most used things is needed. By the way, check my base, I have two maxed spike traps.

Your reference to the real world implies exactly the opposite of what you want. A projectile follows a ballistic curve. For sure you can hit something lying flat on the floor, especially if it is as big as the spikes would be in the real world. Even if you start the curve on the same altitude. BUT the cannons fire from above the ground, which makes it easy to hit something lying flat on the ground.

Another example: according to you, it would not be possible (or “not make sense”) to hit a magazine lying on the floor with a pistol. I can tell you, it would be very easy for me to hit the magazine, lets say lying on the other side of the road. I’m standing, of course :stuck_out_tongue:

In game as the others already said, i want the cannons exactly as they are now. Being able to hit the spikes. It takes ages for them anyway, so no need to nerf them.


I have a degree in quantum physics.  I know the path of a bullet. 

Better yet, I have common sense. 

Question: How many marksmen put their targets flat on the ground facing up? 

Answer: Absolutely none!

Though is is possible to hit that target it would be for all practical purposes impossible. 

Unfortunately, this is just a game, I don’t have time to teach you all physics.  So if the fact I just stated isn’t apparent to you, you can check it out online with any marksmen. 

Targets stand up; they don’t lay down flat. 

In Physics terms: a target is placed normal to the line between the marksman and the target. 

I really don’t think cannon are OP against spikes as I feel cannons are the only good option against frost traps. I could imagine it would take ages for a group of knights or palladins to destroy a frost traps unless the hero helps them out of course. Strategically placed frost traps are one of the most important obstacles in the game as it deals frost damages as well as slows downs the enemy significantly. IMO I would like cannon as it is they are one of fav units too :slight_smile: as you mentioned you never used spikes so you probably give it a go with frost traps and see how it works out. And for monk I replied in past threads monk should get an range upgrade just to make sure they don’t leave behind FB’s and Lightning towers


I’m not arguing Cannons are unbalanced. I’m arguing Spikes are under utilized.   And by making the one thing most commonly used for destroying them ineffectual against them Spikes would be used more.   If the two people who sick up for Spikes between the two of them they had 2 Spikes in their base,  and 28 Barricades or Blockades.   Clearly Spikes are not being used which means they are being destroyed too early quick means if they were harder to destroy we would user them more.   The logic is impeccable.

Cannons shooting at stuff on the rocks doesn’t look well but this game doesn’t follow real life logic all the time, so it doesn’t matter. I think it’s good for spikes to have a unit that can destroy them easily, because it feels like a balance. If cannons suddenly became useless against spikes, maybe spikes will become overused and cannons’ use will drop dramatically. It might cause an unbalacing relation coming from a not unbalanced detail.

I disagree but it’s a logical argument. 


Hey, I noticed a bit ago, they fixed the Monk!  The Monk does take out Spikes now!  Thanks Flare!

Spikes unboosted aren’t great, but when boosted Sonic Blast is the only effective way to take them out. Elite Spikes aren’t the hero of a defense. It is a side character to help other towers finish off the army.