Balancing changes 4.0 - Reasoning

We sat together with the design team including Flothaboss to give you the reasoning for all the balancing changes we have done. Here we go:

First of all there are mostly two reasons for changes:

  • Fixing the fact that one-two set ups / strategies can be used to beat every defense. Which results only in a grind and not in a skill based battle. Our goal is to have a game where players can play and not only grind over and over again with the same setup.
  • Fixing defenses being too weak. Which resulted in every defense being powerless in combination with reason number one. 

Let’s look at all the changes while keeping those two points in mind: 

Reduced  Ceres  morale:

  • Ceres was used by almost every player and the reason behind it was the fact that it was overpowered, not just better, it was heavily overpowered compared to other pals. Reducing its power was needed as every other pal would have become completely useless. But Ceres is still among the very best pals you can use. It was and is a good choice to upgrade Ceres. But it should not become the only choice one can choose.
  • Only making the defenses stronger would not have fixed the fact that Ceres was overpowered compared to other pals. We wanted to achieve a situation where players can build defenses where it is better to use the skills of another pal to be able to defeat these defenses. 


Stunning Ogre Raging Wolf  reduced power in offense:

  • Both units were overly used for a very long time and we never addressed this issue before. It is basically the same problem as with Ceres. It was the winning strategy and everyone used it. Here as well we wanted to create a situation where one can use other units, different strategies to have more variance in the game play and not always the same set up. But the same as with Ceres, they are still among the best units to use in the game.
  • Only making the defenses stronger would not have fixed the fact that the Stunning Ogre and Raging Wolf were overpowered compared to other boosted units. Our goal is to offer more variance.


Barricade Blockade  increased resistance to  Bladestorm :

  • We noticed that Barricade & Blockade became useless against Bladestorm. A lot of players did not used them anymore. That’s why we added some Bladestorm resistance to them.


New level for every  ObstacleTower  and  Castle Gate :

  • Since one more Tower is available in the defense, new strategies and Tower placements are available.
  • As a huge part of Royal Revolt 2 is a Tower-Defense game, it should be beneficial to take care of your defense, to upgrade and to forge it. With this strategy you should be able to gain Gems and Trophies and also to protect your Gold.


Improved  Pearl upgrades  for damage and health for every  Tower  and  Obstacle :

  • All your Obstacles and Towers you have Pearl upgraded had an instant increase in damage and health. What you have invested in the past is now more powerful.


Blunt damage  from  Spells  deals slightly less damage:

  • By testing hundreds of different combos, we noticed that Blunt damage in general was a bit overpowered compared to other types of damage against Obstacles. The one, two winning strategies everyone has used were heavily based on Blunt damage. To increase the variance and to give other damage types more weight, we needed to nerf Blunt damage. This applies for all Towers and Obstacles except for the Firebolt Tower.


Sonic Blast  (a Blunt damage spell):

  • We improved Sonic Blast so it stays as one of the best spells in the game. It is the last spell you unlock and it should remain one of the most powerful ones.


Firestorm  deals slightly more damage to  Lightning - and  Firebolt Towers:

  • Firestorm was less used, instead the majority of players used Bladestorm. Being a replacement for most players, it had to be given a slight increase of power, especially when it comes to defenses with lots of Firebolt Towers. 


Blizzard  deals slightly more damage to  Skull Towers:

  • Blizzard was less used over time and to make it a good strategic solution against Skull Towers in particular, we made a slight increase of power against them.


  Nemesis  increased damage of all random attacks:

  • We noticed that the Nemesis Pal could be stronger in its primary attack to be an option for melee attack-based strategies. This is why we increased its primary attack.


Howl Beast  in defense:

  • We noticed that the Howl range was slightly too strong. It affected a lot of Towers around and considerably boosted the overall power of the Beast. The range of most Spells for most Beasts are not as big as this one, so we set it more on par with the other Beasts. 


Lightning Tower  more resistance to  Bladestorm

  • We noticed that Bladestorm was taking down Lightning Towers way too quickly. Same as above we wanted to have Towers that are stronger against Bladestorm to offer more variance. Depending on the level and Pearl upgrades, it is still possible to one-shot Lightning Towers with Bladestorm, even boosted ones.


Holy Paladin Elite Boost  reduced resistance to  Ice- and  Poison damage :

  • We wanted to give mid-level players a higher chance against attacks from top level players. That’s why we reduced the resistance to give a defensive advantage to be able to counter-attack this unit by choosing the right defensive strategy.


We tested every change for an extended period of time with a lot of different combos. The tests were based on top defenses from top players, without scrolls.

While before, it was less skill-based to destroy top defenses with a good amount of time left, it now takes some skill and creativity to find an appropriate combo against a specific defense. You can beat it with several seconds left (comparing an even-balanced offense and defense) without using scrolls or even insta-troops, with all kinds of different combinations of Units/Spells.

As said, Royal Revolt 2 being a tower-defense game, we want to reward players who invested time and thought into their defense so they can use this as a way to proceed in the game.

We think the game’s balance was slightly off before. Now it feels much better and is offering many more possibilities than before. This is obviously quite a change in the  gameplay.

We encourage everyone to give it a try. Discover new opportunities and test the new possibilities that are still partially undiscovered for most players right now. Try experimenting with new combos that can be adapted to your play-style. 

We want to give you choices, variances, new possibilities because we think this is what makes a game, what is fun.

We hope this explains our reasoning.