Balancing changes April 5th

Hey @FTB thanks for the balancing changes! Appreciate it.

Of course they will have to be tested. But from reading it, they seems to make sense.

Especially the Froster Buff in combination with Dracofrosters hopefully is attractive enough to make the “other” war a bit more worth fighting for.
Though the changes for the war system still have to be No. 1 priority for Flare to make the wars fun again. Now they do not deserve the name war. It is just “Fiefdome-Management” for many alliances.

Bladestorm blunt perk range matching spell range makes sense, though it will make the spell even stronger…

Well, I tested Bela and see no change for the Zombification. In 3 Fights it only hit 1 Ogre …

It still shows 100%.

what are you talking about? when was the balance?

even i tested bela, still the same …zombie conversion is still useless,it converted only 1 zombie in whole raid.

thought of upgrading bela,if this conversion was good,but no,useless.

an hr back,in the server break

Not sure if the changes were already applied to the game…

That is correct Sir. A little hiccup in the official post. I’m correcting that right away! 

Good catch!  :lol:

So it was not Frosters weakness to Fire from 100% to 50% but to Firebolt Tower… <_<

Should have done this for pro heal towers too,  Frosters don’t stand a chance against them. 

In other words, cannons or pyro in defense still tear offensive frosters apart. What use has it to change range from 5.5 to 5.7? That only works against non forged towers with standard range. A skull or boosted bomb or even pro boosted heal tower firing from far away still makes an end of an army of frosters, unless their range can be improved (hint, by forging) and their resistance is increased a lot to some kind of damage. Their health is already a joke in comparison with other troops, so we simply can’t keep them alive.

Better change the resistance or damage forge stat to a range stat, then we can improve range by forging. Frosters will only be usable when either their range gets bigger than 6 or their slow down effects troops like in the old time, it slowed down troops that much that almost no backup came, when frosters were on a choke point. It once was one of the strongest offensive troops.

Don’t get me wrong, improvement is good, but it is clearly not tested against all other kind of ranged troop plus towers, otherwise range would have been better than just 5.7.

Now take bladestorm with range 6.7 for example against defensive frosters. Before the frosters have a chance to do something, they are killed, even when bladestorm has no extra blunt damage. Range 5.7 won’t make any difference.

so this is the balance that would not miss frost war? we are still not happy …! these improvements will not help wars


And what about Bela, @GalaMorgane?

Bela is my favorite pet so it would be disappointing to see these changes listed but have them be overstated. I will test tonight as well to see what I get.

@GalaMorgane, can you clarify the Granny Shop change?  I actually really like the idea that the items there are able to be purchased with gold, but it sounds like if it would be an expensive item (e.g. > 15 million gold) then it will still cost gems or pearls?  Cause the 1st item in the shop (upper left) seems to always still cost gems, even though it’s not a great item.  I’ve checked with some friends and they are seeing the same behavior - everything is available for gold except the upper left item.

What about Bladestorm blunt perk range + range perk? Are they adding?


Soon they will make the bladestorm destroy the entire base in one shot.

We need hard bases to the game back to be good and they still destroying the defences day by day.

R.I.P. RR2