Balancing (Phoebe)

Hi, now you have used the argument for balancing ceres that it was too strong and used by too many. If so, why have you not balanced the Phoebe beast? If is used by basically every alliance (that have unlocked it), trading has taken place with in and it is MUCH stronger tham ceres pal has ever been. If you want to be true to your own arguments then Phoebe is nerfed within one week!


You raise a good point, but I don’t think the beasts are that big of a problem. No matter what beast you face you can always just take it down easily with cannons. If you don’t attack with cannons, you can always find another way to defeat a beast. Cannons are the best way for Phoebe, imo, cause Phoebe has no particular weaknesses and Storm Cannons are the fastest firing, high damage troops in the game. If they are gonna change anything on the Phoebe beast, it should be to add a weakness to it, cause it’s really stupid that it has no major weakness like all other beasts

I agree that the Phoebe beast is too strong.In addition to it ,many players who use it don’t raise  level their towers and obstacles.

So, many players using the Phoebe beast  is [Defence of the Castle Gate  depends on  the Phoebe beast only].

I think that  it breaks the game’s balance. I would like you to adjust the Phoebe beast.

I think phoebe beast can be defeated…u defeated it using many combos…and if ceres is too powerful then it should be…it is a pro pal…free players wait to get a monthly pro ticket and play a single pro league in a month only to get a monthly chest which is extra…and 25000 crystals are spent to buy the beast…if ceres has more strength then may be aska’s and nidhoggs power should be reduced…because lower level players use aska as a beast…but i didnt get it till now…ceres was a chance for the players who didnt have aska or nidhogg…its just a foolish decision to reduce a pro pals power to compensate some foolish things…if things are that much bad…flare should compensate giving 25000 crystals back and the pal treats …

Then there is nothing extra for being a pro pal…then there should be no difference between a phoebe and a tammy…funny…

Let me tell you that a lot of players have problem with phoebe. I also belonged to the group of players. Defensive structures and waves were no problem, till phoebe beast showed up. I would have beaten many of those bases with plenty of time left, but failed due to phoebe.

During war seasons when we face opponents having phoebe beast, a part of our team informs us they can’t win, just due to this beast. They either push it past their army and hope some part survives and hope they kill the gate, before this beast kills the tent. This can’t be intention of this beast, defense should make the difference. Now it’s ignore defensive structures, phoebe will stop most raiders from beating the base.

My mistake was raiding with 3 offensive spells (which is also part of strategy). Phoebe activated his ability, including heal pools. Pushing him into my pack of troops didn’t immediately kill him, resulted in saying goodbye to my army, including full health ogres. Sometimes even including end of raid, because my hero died. 

One part of the problem is that raiding with low life point troops is almost impossible to beat phoebe. Even when shielded, one blow of phoebe makes an end of them. That he even has such a range to finish ranged troops might be a little bit too much. Shielded troops with full health points should never be killed by one or two hits of any beast. Making it worse, when you face him in adjacent lane, you are forced to scream back your troops, otherwise accept loss of a major part of your army. 

My way now to defeat him, is using shield spell. Shield troops when he is pushed into the pack and scream. Bye phoebe. From that point of view doable. 

But flare is reasoning to bringing joy into the game, we should not be forced to use only one combination. So why are we forced to use shield spell against phoebe beast? So I agree, a defense should not only be depending on mainly a beast. 

Since beast strength depends on level of hero, sometimes phoebe is still easy to beat. Main problem is massive damage that beast does, plus an abnormal high amount of heal pools that are summoned. One heal pool fine, but let it take seconds before a new heal pool is generated. Then at least pushing the beast away is an option to do massive damage. Now we sometimes see a lot of heal pools, that’s just insane. A beast should not be able to kill an entire army in a blink of an eye, even when a hero raids with 3 offensive spells. So yes, when we start balancing, this phoebe beast should be on the list of balancing.

But that’s up to flare.

Phoebe obliterates everything within range of 10. Armageddon ability is an absurd and she cant be easily killed by pushing into army or stopped by low hp units.

I dont believe she will be nerfed- i meant balanced :slight_smile: because people were buying special offers with her and invested a lot of pro crystals to get overpowered beast in defense.

ceres = bad

celestial phoebe = good

hipocrysis :wink:

Can only beat low level and others is a race to the gate if I can get by without being killed. Would not suggest pushing, that usually ends in disaster for me.

I think you will get in troubles, when players start to add barricades and blockades once again behind phoebe, when those obstacles indeed survive bladestorm. Then it’s no longer rushing to the gate with kaiser or any other pal.