Balancing Problem: As of the 7/6/15 @1am, the top 7 players all had the exact same base design!

There is an imbalance in the game which should be corrected. 

There shouldn’t be one best base.

But there is.

I know some of you will vehemently argue against this, but I checked and as of the time I’m writing this (June 6th: 1am) the top 7 players all have virtually the exact same base design!

The design is the L shape designed to maximize the time a player is forced to remain in a lane adjacent to his opponent. 

This is a major flaw.  The game designers should balance it better to encourage a little more creativity in the designing of lanes.  It would be nice to attack other bases with surprising/new designs, but most of my attacks on different bases are just surprisingly easy! 

So I’m proposing:

Improve the Gargoyle for use in breaching this defense.  Maybe make him only target range units (firing across the lanes) or only target towers across the lanes.  But it’s such a waste of Gargoyle to see him murder himself to kill a Paladin. Or take my previous idea about the Shaman, to allow converting units in the next lane which creates a new danger for the lane-by-lane construction.

Or take my previous idea about adding the dragon, his flying across the lanes, and fire breathing would obviously neutralize those firebolt towers.  And it would require players who wanted to keep their construction to develop new strategies to prevent dragons from flying over the lane and attacking their firebolt towers!

If you want to check out my suggestions in detail you can see this post here:

it has been a long trend in RR2, 99% top player use the same most effective meta base. 


I agree, and that’s bad.

I want to be creative with my base. 

But either I do it wrong or do it like everyone else!