Balancing the skull count calculations

Skull are used to determine the winner of an alliance war.  The number of skulls a player can earn from target is determined by the formula: 300 + 6 x (Target Hero Level).


One of the major issues with this concept is that any king who invests gold to improve his offensive spells/units instead of defensive play is vulnerable to losing more skulls during alliance war. If they spend the gold in defense, they become weak in offense.  And if they try to balance both offense and defense (for which you need to have a good understanding of all units/structures and future vision), the game just gets boring and really slow (as u don’t have much fun in offense or defense).


The game also offers warrior packages (5+ hero level up) from time to time which is good if a king wants to improve his offensive play but at the same time his base has more skulls to offer in alliance wars. 

This skull system makes the game unnecessarily more competitive where high level alliances demands their players to be strong in both defense and offense for their current level (Which can only be achieved if you have patience to play for a long time on improvements or if you have actual money to spend on game).


Solution:   Rather than basing the skull count on king level, it should be based on the strength of base defense getting attacked and offensive abilities of attacking king.


Concept of Base Rating:   Base rating basically means numeric value which suggest the overall strength of the base.   Each unit/structure should have a numeric value attached to it. 


For e.g.

     Un-boosted barricades = 3

     Boosted barricades = 6

     Un-boosted knights = 3

     Boosted Knights = 6


Note: The numeric value attached to a unit/structure should depend on the following factors

i)    Level of unit/structure used in all waves.

ii)   Number of units and type of units used in all waves.

iii)  Whether the unit/structure is boosted or un-boosted.

iv)  Unit/structure’s upgrade level based on the fiefdom count.


The base rating does not depend on how they are arranged (arrangement purely depends on a player’s choice and their understanding of design of their base), nor does it depend on the win/loosing ratio of king’s defense.


Base rating can have a initial value (number of skulls a king will loose at minimum regardless of how his base is).  This will make sure that opponents gets a definite amount of skulls at minimum for raiding the opponents base.


Concept of Item level:  Item level is the numeric value attached to each piece of gear the king equips.  The item level gives an idea of how strong the king’s gear is.  Item level does not depend on which stats it has to offer (it can be either leadership boost, scream boost, gold boost etc. purely depends on king’s choice).


For e.g.

     Gold item at level 63 = 63

     Purple item at level 63 = 60

     Gold item at level 70 = 70


Concept of Offense Rating:   Offense rating basically means numeric value which can determine how strong king’s offensive abilities are.


The offense rating depends on the following factors:

     1) Strength of units king uses for offense (same as base rating)

     2) Strength of spells used by king (numeric value attached to strength of spell based on its level)

     3) Number of units and spells king can equip for offense.

     4) Summation of item level of all items equipped by the king.

     5) Current level of king.


 The offense rating of king helps to determine how many skulls he can obtain from another player:

i)  If a king with high offense rating attacks a king with lower base rating, the king will get less than 100% skulls of that what currently the king getting attacked has to offer.

ii) If a king with lower offense rating attacks a king with higher base rating, the attacking king will get bonus skulls.


I haven’t don’t calculations on the percentage of reduced/bonus skulls a king should get on attack, I will leave it on Flaregames to decide the figures. This will make sure that kings with high offense rating don’t pound on kings with lower defense rating to farm skulls.  They have to attack and equivalent/higher defense rating opponent in order to gain more skull count.


The combination of offense rating and defense rating in skull calculation will helps everyone to get a fair chance at scoring/protecting their skulls during alliance wars.  The combination will help solve issues for the following scenarios:


     1) King with high offense rating attacking king with lower defense rating (won’t get enough skulls).

     2) King with lower defense rating getting attacked from king with higher offense raring (won’t lose to many skulls)

     3) King with lower offense rating attacking king with higher defense rating (will get awarded bonus skull for his efforts and skills)

     4) If an alliance does not have defense elite boosts during war season, it gives them an equal chance to fight based on their skill level (offense) to defeat enemy bases.

     5) If an alliance chooses to activate elite boosts during war season, surely their defense will be strong, but they will also be vulnerable to loose more skulls on defeat (So they will choose wisely which    

         boost to activate instead of blindly activating too many).

     6) If a king chooses to increase his offense by buying warrior package, unit package or spell packages etc., he will be forced to attack high base rating kings in order to score more skulls.

     7) If a king chooses to increase his defense by improving waves and units with gems, he will be vulnerable to losing more skulls.


Other issues:


     1) Some might argue that attacking king can use scrolls for offense.  Yes they can and in turn they will give gems to the base they are attacking.  If you guys want, it can be used as a factor while determining

          how many skulls king gets after attacking the base.  I leave the choice up to you guys and flare to decide.


I welcome any suggestions to improve/change this theory.  My main idea is to improve the current experience of alliance wars for everyone, so all thoughts and criticisms are welcome.

But wouldn’t everyone just make super weak open bases so the opposing alliances would get low number of skulls? This removes all incentive to have a strong base.

An immediate problem that jumps out at me straight away. I have a gold boost equipment set that is 3k leadership lower than my best items, plus have other hp/attack items lower than my best. What’s to stop me from equipping those when I go offline and only having my best items equipped when I’m raiding myself?

I feel like I’ve almost lost count of the number of threads like these.


Player: “I know a better way to determine skull value!” (Doesn’t know a better way to determine skull value.)


Also, that whole thing about having to choose between upgrading your defensive power or your offensive capabilities is complete nonsense - it’s like an imaginary false dichotomy.


Upgrading your king’s spells (offense) doesn’t require workers. Upgrading your troops (offense) doesn’t require workers. Buying new shit for the king (offense) doesn’t require workers. Supposing a player who “chooses offense” (lol) earns enough gold to upgrade one of his 3 primary spells and one of his 3 offensive units - well, what is he doing for the week or so it takes for these upgrades to complete? Either he’s going to use that time to continue playing the game, earning gold, and spending it on defensive improvements (because, again, all of his workers are free) or he’s not. If he doesn’t, it’s not because he “chose offense”, it’s because he neglected defense. And vice versa.


Ya and we are not talking about leveling king from 1 - 50.  It’s above 75 king.  All upgrades requires almost above 6M gold and to get that much gold u have to play more.  I know players who haven’t spent a penny in game and managed to level their kings to decent level, but that takes lot of freaking time and nobody has that much time to waste on one game.  Also with 3 workers u cannot do shit at high levels UNLESS YOU SPEND MONEY IN THE GAME.  Now with this basic understanding, do you have any comments on my ACTUAL idea of balancing skull count or just goona BS again on my first intro lines…

Ur item level does not count in ur base rating.  So it does not matter what you equip while u go offline.  When someone attacks u it depends on his offense rating and ur base rating.  Ur spells and items will count only when ur attacking someone and works in calculating on how many skulls u will get.

Yes you are right.  We can have a base amount of skull level that a king will loose at a minimum.  Using that base amount even if the king removes all defenses in his base, they will still loose that base amount of skulls.  What do you think?

The problem w/ all of the alternative methods for determining skull value is the same: their parameters are open to player manipulation, and so will almost certainly lead to: at best, obfuscation, and at worst, complete spoofing.


The algorithms for determining an base’s trophy and medal reward amounts are very similar to what you’ve described, and look how often they’re misleading. Ever attacked a base that was worth, say, well below 100 medals, only to quickly find yourself getting absolutely rocked? Probably. In fact, probably many times! Same goes for trophy amounts.


Enemy bases rewarding skulls disproportionately, comparatively, are quite scarce!