ban account again?

A lot of accounts of my friend couldn’t connect to the game yesterday, and seem like it happen with all players who bought 20000 gems package, please give them a reason and a solution


Please ask them to contact the support.

As mentioned in a previous topic, it is allowed to buy gems only from the official store, and only directly.

Some players who never bought gems indirectly are also unable to log in… please ask your team to check banned accounts properly… fair player shouldnt be banned… war is in 2 days… You should fix it soon

They have to get in touch with the customer support, this is not something I can help with.

They already sent ticket but you know how slow they are to respond… please dont ruin our war… ban only those who bought illegally…

This is urgent, war is about to start and the support team is too slow like FG isnt paying enough monthly money for them.