ban accounts of players of Vietnam

many players are banned accounts because they buy invalid gems. May be players of vietnam will stop play this game, good luck to players from other countries

I don’t understand what you’re saying. I know many players form Vietnam that plan the game fairly. If you cheat, you need to get banned. No matter where you are form.

Yes good, stop plaguing the game

That’s should have never happened. Even if you bought invalid gems. You still got them with you money.

This is like capturing the buyer who got a lucky draw.

Anyways Vietnam Good Luck Boyzz.

You deserve Better game than this

A whole bunch of accounts were banned 6 weeks ago or so, to do it again and be surprised of the results, that is the buyers fault.

Lmao just leave the forum already

@Alysea : What FG think about tapjoy gems ?

It’s their fault for doing illegal stuff, sadly for the good Vietnamese players, most of those bad players are their countrymen, but I don’t think the whole nation will stop playing RR2 only because of that, legal players should have nothing to worry or complain about. Let’s recall Alysea’s post: 


Tapjoy gems are legal although exploiting via VPN is wrong but Tapjoy ban/suspend VPN user most of the time, not FG’s problem.

Nope, now they ban anyone without warning for whatever they want.


Only to those exploiting the tapjoy.Happened before, happened again.Some people even use this exploit to sell gems, including Doinno.

You’re sure that’s all they banned.  You sure they didn’t ban accounts based on suspicions of who was actually playing them.

In an online game, I have NEVER heard of that type of ban.  It’s impossible to prove.

I do not understand this.You talking about Mike and Minh ?

Yes, I am.

Many bans like this in World of Warcraft :confused: All that was told to the players, that they were banned due to viloation of Terms of Use. And no further information would be provided for security reasons :confused:

You can ban IP address if you want, but it’s wrong to ban accounts based on IP address.  There’s no solid proof of who was playing the account.

To be clear, I’m speaking of a legitimate account with no suspicious activity being banned based on the IP address it came from.  I am not talking about banning from that IP address.

It is still against TnC I’m afraid :slightly_frowning_face:

Well, agree that it’s wrong, hope it gets resolved soon :slightly_frowning_face:

Hate when developer does whatever he wants to without any warnings and else. Ban should come only after some warnings :slightly_frowning_face:

The accounts have not been banned based on IP. :grinning:

If the players got any complaints, they have to check with the supports.

Any violation of the Terms of Service lead to a ban.

Seems like u ban ppl randomly(

alexa22? Its joke