ban accounts.

round of last account banned is not fair at all.
All these accounts are prohibited from Vietnam account.
Please have a thorough investigation of the causes of each account banned.
I was the one who made your Tapjoy for my rent. they do not know get rewards from Tapjoy and they asked me to do it for them. of course my account, I do.
in Vietnam, there are many people who sell diamonds in the game’s most famous royal revolt 2 is doinnovation (Son Hai Tran). over several times to talk to him, I know he bought the gem for the account is not normal, so I do not wonder when the accounts purchased gem from him banned. I talk about the accounts is taken by my gem. all I get are from Tapjoy gem, are specified in each section deals with the corresponding gem, each account just to get maximum number of gem incentives available in each moment Tapjoy. I do not use anything to get gem hack cheat in Tapjoy, and you say I violated the terms of your community is completely wrong. you consider carefully, when entering the game Royal Revolt 2, then select Tapjoy, the first deals are deals out of the United States. I do not need or use tricks ip fake anything, I pick every preference and done, getting gem. You can deny this, but it’s true, now I can not because of your evidence was discarded Tapjoy on android platform, I can not turn back the video to prove it to you so you won. I said, because I mastered, so I can get all preference in just a short time. and now you say you banned my account, because I violated your terms, you said I violated something ?? it is purely the fault of you, now you do not get to blame the error on my head ??? right to ban your account is, but I think a great game as you are doing it right and have reputed you ??? you seduce us gaming, invest money for your effort, while high level then you ban our account we play again and then continue to pay for you ??? I am very annoyed about your work, if you despise our Vietnam then why even bring this game into our country? I know we were poor Vietnam does not give you much profit as the other countries, but this is the equal rights of man. if you despise us, right from the start not to put this game on our Vietnam. You are a big game, but how to do so, then you go look back and see the true you did not?
All players will want to strengthen their accounts, they must invest a lot of money, effort, many sleepless nights, many days they are not working to be a powerful account. you can bet that you have not received the money from the account was banned ??? I suggest that most of you to carefully review, and publish it to the community for all to know. have many days of accounts banned and we have not seen any announcement from you. need words explained.

Yes, Vietnamese player are directly targeted by the flare. They announced it as violation of TOS but the point they made was not even on the T&C.

They have banned uncountable Vietnamese that even their next generation will turn their hair grey in this investigation. If they really are doing so. But they are not.

Hats off man for accepting you doing. But no use, Flare don’t listen if you say you are banned player.

This is not your fault it’s completely flare’s fault. If they don’t know about their 3rd party provider’s services then why introduce it to the customer. Now they can do nothing to Tabjoy. So they started banning the poor country.

This is the best money making policy that all the phone gaming world has taken up… I see it really working.

The games have seduced so bad. Players have to write their jobs just because they are selected champion in the alliance war.

They are drown in greed. They will never ever give you your rewards for the hard works you have down before you tried the easy way. Because they are born & bright up in an environment of a healthy family. They will never know the pain & hard work of Vietnam.