Ban Ban Ban. Need some users experience about such 'event'

Hi there everyone. As Customer Service is extreamly unwilling to answer any of my question about my ban issue i want to ask a community about account ban.
I was banned exactly 2 weeks ago. CS said that my account will be banned for 2 weeks. Time has passed and nothing happened. I did not get any answer about exaxt time and date (only 2 weeks info).
Does enybody know how this 2 weeks might be counted? (since ban date, since CS response, cince … thanksgiving or octoberfest :P)? Or maybe it is counted in full days and i must wait till 00:00 ?

You were banned for a reason, weren`t you?

Hello there,
Please have CS have a look into your matter and allow for 24 hours answering time.
This topic infringes the Code of Conduct of the forum and has nothing to do here.