ban from pro league

Hello guys,

I want some help, if possible.
I played two pro league for my girlfriend account because I did’t know that was a void of terms of service. When i saw this information on forum, I removed her account from my mobile phone.
Some weeks ago she was banned. I explained to flaregames via ticket request and they simply said that can’t help and now they don’t respond anymore
I know it was a void of terms of service, but we play this game for almost three years and we both spend money with dayly gems and some other small packages eventualy.

I think it’s unfair FG just do nothing, because we stay on the game a long time and I really did’t know about terms of service.

And we see RL cheaters on top every pro league and Flare don’t do anything…

Is there anything that i can do?

Thanks in advance

Think you bought too less, or aren’t in a big spender ally?

Unfortunately, you are right.
I’m from Brazil and I can’t spend to much because R$ worth a lot less than $

Looks like Flaregames care only about who spend a lot of money

Yep your situation describe exactly what happen since PL is added in the game and since Flare decided to ban players. Allow cheater to cheat and ban honest players. flare don’t care you have play 3,4 or 5 years and spend over 5000 hours of your life to build it or don’t care if you have spend 500$,1000$ or 5000$. They have see you had 2 account with the same IP address and ban one of them. Sadly that what your girlfriend account. Nothing you can do about it :slightly_frowning_face:

RR2 is not a triple A game so you cannot have multi account on the same device with same IP. 1 account per IP address. For a mobile game its pretty sad. I don’t remember have hear in other mobile people ban for same IP. I think its just in RR2 we can see this. Bad Politic,bad rule its Flare nothing to understand

Flare should ban cheater and stop ban honest player. Soon RR2 will have only cheater left at this speed


Flare should ask Blizzard Games for help to learn something about “how to treat your customers”
Once i sent a ticket to Blizzard about my Hearthstone account and i received a response write by a person with a human language,very different from the automatic crap that FG send to their customers

And i think they care if u spend 500$, 1000$ or 5000$ in the game. That’s why they don’t ban cheaters from top alliances. Because they spend a lot.


I cannot agree more. Its very sad what happen. Its like this since 2014. No customers care. They ignore everyone. I have read just for fun very old topic made in 2014-2015 and I am stunning to see the complain about this companies. I was more stunning when I have read a poll made in end 2015 who bury under the grave just about few month when Flare was created. Their politics and the way they act its the same since 2014. I was sure this have change only after the Toxic nerf after Flare was tired of hear about complain. No its like this since 2014. 

So I am not surprise why they hold by a little rope ready to fall down at any moment. The worst thing is same after 2 or 3 bad polls make by players Flare don’t have change their way to treats their customers. Its a long time If I have build my own business companies if I have receive complain make sure I will do all in my power to treats them really careful and good to receive 5 Stars review not just 1 star review. How you can treats badly your customers? Non sense. We don’t understand why they act like this. its a mystery

Games neglecting efforts to increase users and fans are obsolete.

Hierarchy in RR 2 is fatally nonsense

The kings and the queen revolt  this game for this…  The beginning of  ** "Royal Revolt” ** lol …


Hello guys,

Anyone have an idea what about i can do?
I’m really sad with this poor service customer.


Let’s prove that girlfriend and you were playing with each other…

No one can do anything if Flare seriously hears this and does not verify the testimony of the two…


I think the best way to play with your gf’s account would be just to use her phone to play. This way flare can’t ban you, cause they can’t prove that it was you who was on the account. Honestly, you shouldn’t be banned for doing what you did anyway. You shouldn’t be banned for helping someone out, only for plainly making 2 accounts to take advantage of the PL or something

Thanks for the reply.

How do you think I can do that?
Flare don’t even answers my emails ?


Thanks for the reply.

She lives in another city and atm we are planning to marry. Her account means a lot to me because we know each other trough the game.
So, lose it is like lose a very important part of our history.

I think you are right. Its a unfair ban. And well, i onply played on her account because i did’nt know about the terms of service.
I asked Flare and they simply said that can’t help and don’t answer me anymore.

Register two people in the forum and paste that IGN

It would be a good post as RR2’s best couple


Of course, if Flare did not acknowledge bugs in alliance warfare, I also reported to the forum.

The contents to be discussed thoroughly will be well informed.


Well, congrats on that, man :grinning:

But I’ll try and talk to Gala about it :slight_smile:  

Based on how the exploit works, these sob stories are complete horse manure.

But keep on going with the “poor me” pieces :slight_smile:

If you cheat, Blizzard ban you as well.

How DID the exploit work?

She can’t speak english ?
But well, it’s nice to meet in real life other peoples who play the game too

Thanks bro!

Well, I never chetead, never used any exploit and never used any hack.
I got top 7 in the first season of Pro Legue. I don’t need exploit as I have gaming skills.
There are no “poor me” or “sob horse manure stories” here. As i said, I played for her cuz I did not know about the ToS and i think mostly people did not read that as well.
And for your information, Steam (gaming plataform on PC) even allow you to share your account and your games with another peoples, up to 5 i guess.
FG is different from all and i did not know.


The rules for steam games vary per game, back in the Team Fortress Classic and CounterStrike days, people would be banned based on their wonid, and then tracked using IP for when they re-register and get re-banned (I even worked with a few of the Steam devs back in the early days of Valve anti-cheat), but yes, please explain more to me :slight_smile:

I already said what I wanted to say. No need to say more.
Anyway, Steam allow you to share your games with another peoples, even if not all games, it allow.

And by the way, I don’t find any reason to someone call another person story “horse manure”. It’s very rude :grinning: