BananaStandRepublic - Level 2 - English - Hero lvl req: 15

Royal Revolt players,

a new alliance BananaStandRepublic (BSR) is founded. We are at the beginning of the game so our alliance lvl is 2 but we hope with the help of some of you we can grow fast and at the same time have a lot of fun together. For chatting we use the app called GroupMe to expend the chat function. With it we can share pictures and other stuff in our chatroom and that will help us to stay better in contact with each other.
Our Motto is work hard to get stronger and claim the leaderboard with fun.

Requirements to join: 

  • 700+ trophies
  • Hero lvl 15+
  • very active 
  • give regularly donations to teammates
  • friendly 
  • likes to stay in contact with the alliance mates 
  • GroupMe app 


Of course we have also some rules in our alliance:

  • No bad language 
  • In events everyone have to be online ( If someone can’t be online he/she has to inform me or the general before the event starts)

After reading a litte bit about our alliance, the requirements, and rules and you can still imagine to fit in send an application to us we don’t bite :grinning:
Hope some of you will contact me soon that in the next event we can fight side on side.