Banking Gems with Interest earned?

I don’t know if this idea was proposed before and if it was I apologize but how about a Gems chamber that allows users to deposit gems and earn interest over time?

For example:

Players can deposit a set amount of gems in their Gem chamber and earn interest on those gems over 30 days. Gems that are deposited can be withdrawn at any time, but any interest accrued will not be paid unless the maturity date is met (which is 30 days). This will require players to leave their gems in the bank for all 30 days in order to collect the interest.

The base interest is 10% for the minimum deposit and each additional tier reach will have a bonus % applied. 

Minimum deposit is 1000 gems

Maximum deposit is 5000 gems 

Deposit gems in increments of 500 or 1000 only 


1000 gems - no bonus % (only 10% base percentage is applied) - earns 100 after 30 days

2000 gems - 0.75% bonus on top of the base percentage (10.75% total) - earns 215 after 30 days

3000 gems - 1.75% bonus on top of the base percentage (11.75% total) - earns 352.5 after 30 days

4000 gems - 3.00% bonus on top of the base percentage (13.00% total) - earns 520 after 30 days

5000 gems - 4.50% bonus on top of the base percentage (14.50% total) - earns 725 after 30 days


But why would Flare give away free gems?  We can win free gems in any of the Leagues (Diamond, Gold, etc…), gems can be found in both CoF and the free daily chest, gems are already available at no cost to players.  So this is not that different. We just need to have enough gems to make more gems. 

This may encourage some players to spend to have enough gems to reach a specific tier, or have players buy more gems while they are banking some gems and do not want to withdraw early.

Maybe this helps some older players stick around the game longer after burning all their gems instead of retiring.  Maybe this help newer players upgrade their alliance tower and help alliances grow.

Either way, the more players that still play, the more alliances are filled and the more possibilities we have as a community.



This is a great idea, Keith. You’re right that it would get players to stay and new players to stay, but the only problem I see is that Flare would not want to be giving out more free gems. Yes, it might get people to spend, but for most players it would just keep them being free players as they can get more gems.

I would love this to be in the game, though.

We have make a lots of suggestion like this in the past. forget it. Flare will never implement this because will hurt their income. We have suggest Gem tower and many others who give more gems but those idea are non-feasible idea. Sorry

I like the idea of banking gems, however, there is no way this would ever be presented into the game. There are plenty of ways to earn gems right now, and while this would be a fun add to the game (I’m thinking of a new building that kinda looks like a giant safe B)), we won’t ever get anything like this

Yeah, I know its a long shot but throw it out there see if it sticks. 

Maybe one way flare can also look at it is this, we already get a 13% rate of return on gems used on our bases and the rates proposed above are close to that %. 

Maybe even reduce the base % to 5% instead of 10%.  Its a pretty low rate of return at 5% and players can earn more gems from random Conquest, Pro chests, and etc…

Or better yet, switch this banking system and alternate it between the different in game  commodities…

One month is Gems, next is pearls, next is Pal food, then Crystals,