Banned because of attacks on low players?


One of our members was banned recently. He said he got in touch with flare, and apparently they suspended is account because he attacked 200+ times on low accounts.

Has anyone heard about that before???

I have all the reasons to believe him, since he is old and loyal member here. I know that his account was suspended because he turned inactive in a minute. But maybe he could have misundestood flare communication? This sounds odd…

Any other experiences on Banned because of attacks on low players???

I don’t think this is true, i would be banned every other day :wink:

Same here, I got a list of 8 low level account that I attack from 3 to 9 times a day, sometime more.

The good thing is that they are all open base and they are probably all the same person. They got the same name pattern. I’m pretty sure i’m not pissing anyone by doing this.


Yep this is not true. All cof farmers would be banned if this was the case… 

Probably he have cheated or do something wrong and not because he have attacked a low level lol. Its obvious is not true. If that was true 80% of player in the game would be banned for attack low player for gold,XP,etc… So he lie to you sorry 





This is a sample case for issue:


Is there anybody left in the game, who does not COF?


I almost exclusively attack 500 point players - why waste 2:30 a battle when you can take 20secs and have no loses…

Since Flare have change the trophy system in 3.9.0 its a pain now. I am level 55 now and the game give me noobs of level 20-30. What I have to do with those noobs really who give just 3k or 4k XP? I skip,skip,skip,skip,skip,skip and so on… sometime during 10 minutes. The game still give me level 20-40. So I stop use matchmaking now just too awful now and check in the league list or via the guy who attack me,etc… to try to find level 55+

If Flare don’t like that we fight low player just put back the old trophy system before 3.9.0. Matchmaking was better and was more of your level than now. This awful new system trophy force us to attack favorite list non stop. So sorry if some players stop playing because of me. Its Flare fault sorry…

Are you sure? Did your friend use auto tool to attack 500 trophies players?

What if you could “waste” 1m30s - 1m45s each battle with luck gear and get decent XP while doing it?

That’s certainly better than “wasting” 30s each battle with luck gear and virtually zero XP.


Unless you’re lvl 130, of course.

Think his point like mine is raiding for the COF just for gold build up. For me is 8 - 10 seconds per raid. Would assume that they have raids setup for XP also with 100% raid.

I have both gold gear (+292%) and treasure gear (64.5%/96%)

Treasure gear beats gold gear hands down. 

My treasure gear also tries to supplement with farm abilities, so I get to do more with it on the daily while gold gear is to only use to push open/event bases…

I’m level 111 - but all my stuff is maxed - enjoy struggling with that exp gear while I power through everything on easy mode…