Banned for no reason?

Hi, i was banned from the game all of a sudden, only got a message saying i violated terms of service??
Did nothing special and tryed contacting support…anyone know why this happend and what the timeframe is for support to tell me what happend?

Think 3-5 work days

could be longer many of mine went to the abyss…
maybe we could suggest opening a ticket with Gems? I know it wont help the OP but ?

I would pester daily, otherwise I think it will be 2020

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In September of this year, I made an inquiry about the purchase column.

Sep 8, 9:58 PM CEST
At this time, when a reply was received within 24 hours, a system mail came, but the reply mail from the staff came Sep 13, 2:01 AM CEST, that is, five days later.

Maybe flare customer service is crowded.

If you are a leader or general, you may want to deal with alliance members through forums and social media.

Please contact customer support. Sometimes requests take longer to answer, but please allow 24 hours answering time.
Please note it is not allowed to discuss bans on the forum.
Thank you for your understanding.