Banned from PL? WFT

WTF, i was just be banned from pl and from monthly pl, but for what?

I’m probably the last idiot who doens’t use the shitty disconnection bug (cause i practially can’t!!!) and you banned me? At least, send a sucking explanation msg! I payed for partecipate and i didn’t use any bug or illegal method to reach my ranks in the whole month. I was 176th in the weekly PL and 39 in the monthly, who is the brilliant who think i used illegal system to have such a shitty rank?

Ticket opened, but i’d like receinving an answer here and soon.



Probably multi account or account sharing :wink:

Hello, @Kroq! For security reasons, we cannot discuss issues like this on the forums or social media comments. Feel free to follow up with our Support staff if you want more clarification, they will gladly answer your questions through the proper channel. 

Yeah, i’m talking to them.