Banned in pro league

We saw last time lot players banned in pro league.  Why can they stay in the game, and what with the rewards they got before.

you will not tell me it was the 1st time they cheated.

and what with their regular fights and ninja fights.  You don’t tell me, it is only possible they can use cheatengine in pro league

From what I understand when only banned from PL, this is for using multi account in PL.

actual cheats are banned completely.

All those who topped are using multiple accounts it means everyone of them should be banned?

you can’t ban people for scoring top / just assume they are all multiple accounts.
Obviously most people suspect the low level ones being secondary accounts, but still you cannot just ban them for scoring high.

they might also just be abusing bugs, eg dc bug, where guys like immortal madness got perfect / near perfect scores for 2 months / 8 weeks straight - “without cheating.” I think i saw him complaining recently about guys that are scoring near perfect scores which are not possible, but I guess it was ok when he was scoring perfect / near perfect scores which he can no longer do.

I’m one of the fools having only 1 account in this game i think.

If you find normal you can win 50.000 gems and 60.000 kristals each month by cheating, that is your good right.

I guess you win every dl the whole year for getting the same amount of gems, he got every month.  He spent only 4x 35 min/month, can buy 3 phoebes/month + a Hugh amount palchest in palchestevent + a guess in 70 pro chests you find also some things.

With the 2nd or 3rd accounts he will get also some things.

You find that all normal ?

He laugh with you when you spent hours to win DL every time, barely got phoebe lev 2 in 1 y,  


You mean RR 2 is only game where multiple accounts can survive and get the biggest rewards.  Good for flare : single accounts will leave or will not spent money in the game.

The multiple accounts don’t need to spent money in the game.

Don’t think under that conditions the game will not long exist if flare does not earn enough to this game

There’s plenty of guys with only 1 account, I only play with one, but I do not care if others play more.

I’ve said it before to you many times, it seems you forget to enjoy playing the game.

Don’t worry that others play and win 50k gems, its only 1 person a month. Even if they cheat or whatnot, I am decent raider, but I’m quite sure I will never win it even if all the cheaters and multi account guys are removed, so no difference to me. I am guessing the same will apply to you. Yes its not good, it gets fixed slowly (maybe) but its not the doom and gloom you seem to think it is.

Go and try playing multiple accounts yourself. I can guarantee your main will suffer, grow slower, less rewards, less everything since you need to spend time on other account(s).
even if you only get multiple account to do nothing except collect PL ticket, I am willing to bet even if you had played with 10 PL accounts, your main would still not get top 10 score, probably not even top 100 and still have no real benefit.

Ik heb geen 2e account nodig, ik vraag me af waarom sommige jongens, die gouden kronen hebben, of maandelijkse leaderboard-winnaars een 2e account hebben of de vorige profliga zijn verbannen. Als het niet nodig is om de grote beloningen te winnen, waarom sommige van die jongens hebben het (ik veronderstel dat je er ook wat van kent).

is the big rewards one off the reason?

if you would win all dl, you would not get as much gems as 1 monthly pro league.


for fun?
you never used cheats playing console / other games before?

Lets say maybe they do want the gems, let them have it. Even if they cheat, they are fighting other cheaters and flare ban hammer to win, its not like instant win jackpot.
Sure its stopping legit winners from winning, but it is what it is, and most people will never have a chance to win anyway.

I do think the 50k gems is excessive though, no idea why it needed to be so high, but no well.

here is SS for a laugh, sure being good at PL doesn’t always translate into a good player in game. But when you see a monthly winner fail so badly, it makes you wonder…


I think you understand i would say ?