Warning!!! Many players have been banned after purchasing gems from Microsoft! Flaregames is saying that you have requested a refund or have giving your account to another player who has purchased gems.  I would hold off buying gems till this can be resolved! 

That doesn’t surprise me. They have many bugs because they rush.

We shouldn’t buy any gems anyway until our beloved members are back  :angry:


when you find usable bugs. better to share it and let entire player use it dont earn sticky money from what you find. flaregames wont bann all of his player I gues  :ph34r:

It’s still cheating. If you find bugs report them to flare and don’t destroy the game.


Well unfortunately FG has not ban the biggest cheaters of all yet, too slippery to catch red-handed perhaps.
Now we see them boasting bragging demeaning at forum/groups, really make me want to throw up.

The Pot Calling The Kettle Black