Baots & Semen warriors



I have a idea for expansion, maybe we could have some kind of dock for baots or something so could open possible new stores, maybe mercenary units (maybe like different unit types that would rotate) so we could get more diversity.


And we could have a baot with semen warriors that we could upgrade like tent and we could go on whacky adventures!


Would be a huge update but I love new possibilities!

you’re so agitated at flare that you’ve gone mad xD

Only the mad can see clearly :wink:

It is spelled seamen, as in sailors.

Truthfully I prefer moats… but on the other hand, having my own viking boat is not a bad idea

Semen means sperm fyi lol

we know xD

Isnt it the people who works on the boat? like one sailor many semen?

We can have fisherman too,while the seaman go adventuring,the fisherman can fish,lol

how about land sharks? they swim on land!! :wink: