Baracade number 6

When upgrading heros temple to level 8 it suggest extra Baracade will be available but then when you go to build it,  your gate of apollo needs to be upgraded to level 9 which is going to take another 4 days

Hello Darrown,

By upgrading your Heroes Temple to level 8, you can own up to 6 Barricades.

However, you need to upgrade your Gate of Apollo to level 9 to be able to place them all. As long as your Gate of Apollo is still level 8, one of the Barricades will have to remain in your inventory.

Sorry for the confusion.

I understand the technicalities behind this, but there is really no reason to “own” a barricade without placing them down. It isn’t like towers where there are different types and you can swap them out.

Hey Bunnzify,

The only reason this occurs is because the Heroes’ Temple has been upgraded and unlocked a new Barricade, before the Gate has been upgraded so that you are able to place it in your defence. It doesn’t occur if you always keep your Gate fully upgraded. The only advantage of doing this, is that you can pre-upgrade your Barricade in anticipation of your Gate upgrade finishing.

Hope that helps explain.

Thanks for the input.

But the system always places a higher lv of barricade. How can I place a lower level of barricade to pre-upgrade? 

Not possible.