Barracade and Blockade Removal from Game

FLARE please remove the barricade and blockade from the game so that I can traverse the path so can get to the gate with enough time. They should not be allowed anyways due to the fact that this is a tower defense game and those items are not towers. Thanks in advance look forward to the removal.

P.S. you can leave the crappy spikes and jester box since they don’t work anyways.

Boosted Spikes and jesters are much better than blockades/barricades nowadays. Just take bladestorm, the blockades won’t be a problem then. Blockades/barricades are a joke nowadays since the bladestorm buff

For that we have the improved bladestorm spell, just like @Domikick said.

You only need to forge range up as much as you can on bladestorm. No maxed forged (plus boosted) barricade and blockade will survive, they all go down by a single activation. 

Here the forge order of bladestorm:

  1. Range -> Forge range till it’s range is minimal 6.7, then you can even destroy LT plus heal towers from far away. As a bonus, you hit barricades, blockades plus troops also from very far away, making you run forward with ease
  2. Cool down -> Blade storm spell lasts for 6 seconds, so bring that down to 9 seconds, only 3 seconds waiting, before you can launch a new bladestorm.
  3. Blunt damage -> Blunt damage is instant and range 4. Not really required, but nice to have.

How did you get BS to last 6 sec mine is maxed out and it is only 5 sec?

It’s 5 seconds indeed, my bad. Still it’s long enough to destroy any obstacle. That’s the reason why many top bases suddenly don’t have them any longer.

Is this troll post? Play the game more before complaining about balance issues.

I laughed so hard when I read this “request”.

Why should they remove barricades/blockades, if its main idea is really that one… to slow you down?

Do you want an even easier game? Cmmon…

PS: Just like Dena4 said, if you’re having trouble destroying those obstacles: Forge BS until a good range, profit, not so difficult now ain’t it?

So would it be fair to say that the BS and obstacles need to be rebalanced then.

Is this a troll post? How much play time do I need before I can start complaining about balance issues?

Thanks for the forge info will look into bringing up range more.

You are welcome.

interesting topic. So if someone max a blockade and forge the HP at +30 just one max and forged Bladestorm can destroy it? Still worth it then to invest time to upgrade blockade? If the answer is no I will stop invest my gold in them and will work on something else

Just in my previous account I have max them and forge them like crazy combine with Skull Tower. That allow me to gain 700 gems each War season.

with bomb kick aura and Bladestorm boost I am not sure anymore if my old layout will work again

Yeah working on one now at +16 and going to test with all I can when get it in the 30 to 40 range so I can call BS on BS and other stuff.

Bladestorm destroys at least 5 blockades/barricades that are set in a row

What level of blockade with forge does it stop is the question now, or if +30 forge melts like butter.

I’m facing max level, highly forged blockades/barricades, which have much more than 30 forges, bladestorm destroys them with ease. Blockades are still good, just not against bladestorm

if you put your blocade separate of each other. Still don’t worth it?

Edit : Nevermind you have answer with your post

Better but still not good. If the opponent uses bladestorm, it won’t matter where you put them. Spikes/jesters are the best nowadays. I’m speaking of 5000+ trophy range. At lower trophy range, blockades are still good, but once someone uses a decently forged bladestorm, blockades are useless

Bringing this back to the top next to the tower thing. Much in common.

@GFYRR2 what is your IGN, or what is your trophy level?