Barricades Vs Blockades

Hello everyone , i want to know that which one is more powerful between these two . i know that blockades are stronger but the top class players use only barricades , you can see on leaderboard . please help me which one i prefer .

Blockades are better when they are unboosed, barricades are better when your alliance runs the elite boost.

barricades are far stronger there is no point in leveling up blockades. Unless flare decides to give them a war boost sometime soon :grinning:

guys how can I find 1000 gems?

Nice! Love my blockades so looking forward to it

Once again judging from the vid all the upgrades are gonna be all defense no offense as if us high level players didn’t have to scroll enough as it is to make decent loot and trophies on raids.Nothing in that vid excep the Blockade Boost made me happy

Most high level players only use barricades and its boost everyday anyway which means they wont really care about getting blockades then spending days upon days upgrading, so I’m assuming this is more for mid level players?

And at 00:25 where did all the gargoyles come from? I wont ask how so many of them didn’t touch the hero’s health

I’ve noticed that if I run through a group of gargoyles I usually only take damage from a couple while the rest just expire in my dust.

Those tens of gargoyles are spawned by skull tower: Skull Tower Boost spawns Gargoyle after you destroy it (max 5 gargoyles)

To see most of details you have to slowdown the video at 0.25 speed.

Thanks everyone .