Base Design Fail

I was playing last night and I realised I had only attacked 2 different base layouts all evening.The game with infinite design possibilities yet really only a handful of useful designs are used, and only 1 design is used among top players the “long and straight and up and back” design. All top 10 have the same base and most players with 4k+ trophies has also copied this.


I really hope Flare can either add more tower types or make old types of towers more customisable. I was watching a you tube video Jason posted of level 60 king and was missing the lower level game play where there were lots of useful towers and units and spell options. The end game is boring in comparison. Everyone has same layouts and design.


If we added more customisable units/towers and more options in base layout e.g the direction a tower faces then we could have a lot of good and equally useful designs and make attacking more fun and varied.


There are lots of comments about how the game is dying due to the new boosts and that players are just logging on to donate and then logging off, but also its loosing its fun factor if every base is one of a handful of useful designs. I know the game is never meant to be that complex but it cant be hard to add more units and towers or change the way a tower works. If Flare wants to make money in the future, it needs to keep us interested and add customisable bases.

Sounds like RR3!

I agree, but to be fair base designs come and go, the L base was very prevalent for many months when the game first came out, disappeared, then made a comeback a few months ago, double/triple pinch point bases have been popular at times too, the current up and down base has been used by many for a few weeks now, its time will come and a new optimum bases set up will be used. One that best suits the strengths of towers/troops available at the time. Not so long ago if you employed snake towers you were wasting a tower as they were so ineffective and weak, now they can be deadly for any king and take some knocking down! Many high level players fight each other, this being the case they know what bases they struggle with and adopt the strongest designs themselves, I have employed many unique bases, some of which have been copied by others, in the past but none of them are more effective than my current at this moment. Personally I have other designs in mind, but I need to max some troops and wave moral before I will use them, make a ultra strong base and within days you will be fighting against it as others employ the same design . Remember also that its not just the tile layout, the towers and troop moral/sprites make a significant difference. The up and down base is actually a piece of cake to beat if employed with the wrong or weak towers, low moral or at lower level … so copying by all is not a good idea.

Has been this way for quite a while: There’s always been some favorite design or another that a lot of players had.

Just needs someone having a bright idea and a lot of others will follow.


I’ve always wanted to have my own base design - didn’t matter if it’s a bit better or worse, just had to be my own. This way MY defense was winning (or losing), not someone elses.

Never liked seeing too many similar bases. More variety feels like more fun to me…



Must be annoying having others copying your base.

Being copied may be a nice compliment, but you have no chance to have a unique base that way (and once the copies are there you don’t even see who had the original anymore).

True, I also would like to see more variety, and personally always try to build up an own base design, but I guess it’s a bit like fashion (what base design is trendy this month? what base do top10 currently have?) and a bit like general optimization (what base designs are most efficient or useful (at my level)?) that tend to “produce” a lot of similar bases…


Do you all still remember the times where clover designs were all around?

Yes. In fact I still use one.

take a gander at my base design.


its literally set up to be easy right now but still, its quite unique :stuck_out_tongue:

Such long posts…my head hurts thanks a lot guys

The top bases are always changing. Check back next week and you will see a differnt base design. Also when ever a new patch comes and new tower levels/spells/units come it changes everything.

Base design might be the same but tower placement and troops always different , some L base I can easily beat while some take a few scrolls despite both have max tower.Also at the moment , the sole reason why L base and reverse L base are popular cuz of the tough barricade.Without tough barricade , both design is pretty much useless in top 100 cuz king can get across path faster and destroy the unreachable firebolt.


Of course some L base with no tough barricade can still be very tough but not many , try mine and you know its very easy for king level 80+


So lets get the barricade nerfed first shall we ? In flothaboss’ video its clear that one spell is not enough to take down a single tough barricade.Then let see if that’ll change something in term of base design variety though these days people prefer to copy from top 10 instead of doing their own design including me.If Flare add a few new tower people will stop using the less useful tower and all will play with the same combo of better tower and eventually settle for one similar design mostly.