Base ideas

In this base design, I have frosters, paladins, knights, arrow towers, bomb tower, and barricades. The paladins slows you down at the beginning, and the frosters slows down all if not most of your units. There is a choke point at the beginning where most of your units get’s caught up at. There are also some distractions there as well. The bomb tower blows up your units. The barricade distracts your cannons. Your king will normally move past the choke point. There will be arrow towers waiting there for you. You think you could use Firestone? You could, but your health will be lowered quickly before you could even get to the rest of the arrow towers, and with the frosters in the way, your most likely to die. So unless you are willing to reserect, you won’t get far. This base design is harder then it looks. I might not have gotten that far into the game, but I have tricks up my sleeves. If you want to try out this base design, fell free to do so.

If you have any base designs you like to show, fell free to post it here.

Unfortunately, I’m getting an error message telling me that the screenshot is too big. I don’t know how, but I’ll figure out something…

OK, done. Here it is! Screenshot_2015-08-19-16-15-50~3.jpg

Sadly I can’t view the attachment, it says I don’t have permission to view it… :confused:


Can anyone else view it? 



Anyway, oh sweet memories… was nice when I was where you are now. :slight_smile:

Can’t view me too 

Ok, now I can view it. Looks like an interesting design! :slight_smile:

Yes now i can see it, this base design is called: Clover  

It is pretty effective also for 3500 trophies range, thanks to its continuoues connection paths where enemies troops will continue to hit you uninterruptedly and the hinted ability ( as you shown in the picture ) is the placement of towers.

In fact even if in the minimap you see all towers very close one to another, but in practise you can destroy them only 1 or 2 only, every time. This because your troops and your spells aren’t able to reach for example firebolt towers or bomb towers placed in the corner, in every bit of clover, because of  your low range !

So this base design is very appreciate and work perfect with strong towers also !

(Update) I’ve modified my base design. All I did was add some stuff. Here is a picture of it. Screenshot_2015-08-25-07-04-52~2.jpg

What’s new:

*Frost tower added. I know this seems unnecessary, but if the player doesn’t destroy this tower, their mele units will target this tower, which will slow them down. It’s not the best idea, but it’s always good to have a back up.

*Blockade added. The blockade will act as a distraction for cannons.

“OK, great! I can’t even use cannons on this base! I’ll just use a different unit! It’s not like I needed the cannon anyway!” XD

*Gargoyles added. They are weak at the moment, but the purpose of them is to sweep away the leftovers.

*Extra bomb tower added. I couldn’t find a proper spot for it. I’ve put it in my base sense I didn’t want to use any other tower that’s available for me to use.

*Path now longer.

*More waves.

(Update 2) I keep changing my base as I get more stuff. Here are the changes.

*Gargoyles removed. I felt like it wasn’t worth putting them in there.

*gargoyles are replaced with pyromancers.

*New damage type added (Fire).

*New tower added (Gargoyle tower). If you don’t see it in my base, it’s not fully built yet.

*One extra Blockade added.

My base just gets more and more dangerous. Sometimes I earn gems just by leaving the game and get raided. Now they are in for a burning surprise. I might even get more gems now that fire damage is added. Normally, it’s the arrow towers that kills them. Now I have pyromancers to speed up the killing process. The pyromancers still needs upgrading at the moment.

I didn’t post the base design sense I didn’t want to use up the memory space too quickly. You will get another post of my base soon.

If I were you, I’d just focus on bomb towers. They’ll come in handy for when your path is long enough to use trap towers, towers which shoot to the first lane from the last lane.

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been focused on gold for a while. Well, like I said before, here is my new base design! Screenshot_2015-10-17-07-28-29~2.jpg

I would add a skull tower or 2, but I’m in the middle of upgrading my throne room. I have 4 days to wait…possibly more days if the skull tower wasn’t soo time consuming to build (just saying).

I made some changes in my base design. Here it is right here! Screenshot_2015-10-23-09-56-04~2.jpg

What lv are you at ?

I just sent you a friend invite , i want to test it

I think if you add 1 or 2 pyromancer in the frist wade it would be perfect , the mortars can easily take out the paladins and use that conected line agains you

I have once agian changed my base design. Here is is! Screenshot_2015-11-08-08-11-35~2.jpg

Don’t even ask how many times I died. It was a horrible death for me…and I’m a level 53 or 54.

Looks good, the worry is someone using Sonic Blast, Bladestorm and Heal and walking through. Quite a few people using the stair design now. Including me partly

Ahaha! :wink:


If I remember correctly, this originated in straight-path trap bases that had full towers, waves and obstacles built into a straight or nearly-straight path.

Potential attackers would think “oh, this looks easy, just a few steps along the straight path, and a few spells here and there, taking down much stuff at once, and I’m already at the gate!”, but often enough the heavily concentrated fire of all the troops and towers in there (if chosen properly) would annihilate you if you tried to rush in too quickly, forcing you to either retreat and lose time, or simply killing your king very fast. 

However, the easy remedy was to take it more slowly, with the very short straight path giving you more than enough time to progress really slowly and safely. 

Then, some guys had the idea to just add back all those unused path tiles, forming an initial, “empty” loop of path without structures on it, that imposed the need for a faster progress through the concentrated defense on any attacker, because just traversing the initial, empty path would cost you time in the beginning, especially with the defending wave troops still holding you up even in the empty loop. With proper troop composition (ranged troops + frosters), the chokepoint of that empty loop could even be used to destroy reinforcements early on, much like in a regular base design, so this kind of design actually wasn’t that easy. The straight-line part and the empty loop still made it look easy for the unaware attacker, hence making a decent trap… 


Now, back to this particular layout, using a staircase variant of the things described above may make for an interesting raid with the heavy use of snake and skull towers… I just miss some ranged troops for the initial waves, from looking at the troop preview, but those could just be “hidden” (see here: I just noticed the included images seem to have gotten lost during the forum move… what a pity, thanks flare :angry:

At low level, many base works especially with that many snakes