Base layout bug


Since 3.2 update, I’ve been using the multi-layout option to upgrade new towers without having them on my path. Example:

On my layout 1, I have all my strong towers

On my layout 2, I have only 4 crappy towers that are being upgraded

I only use layout 2 when I want to launch a new upgrade. That way, my defense doesn’t need to have a crappy tower and I can upgrade new towers without weakening my defense.

I thought I was a smart ass to come up with such a brilliant utilization of the feature. However, I have been noticed 3 times in the past 2 days by other players that the defense they have been raiding was the crappy one (easily noticeable since it is a straight path with no unit)

After some very serious thinking, I came up with the following conclusion:

When a tower upgrade is complete,  the server seems to automatically switch me to the update in which my tower is. Even if I don’t login, even if I don’t pick-up the update completion.

Is that intended?

Thanks :grinning:

Very clever!  :grinning:

Yeah, it was a good use of different layout feature but backfired

Hey there,

Just wanted to say that it’s still happening. I logged out with Layout2, the barricade at bottom of Layout3 finished the upgrade overnight, I was automatically switched to Layout3.

I don’t mind losing trophies, but in war time that could result in easy VP given to opponents by omission.

Could we please confirm if that’s intended? Thanks :grinning:

I to have had this happen to me.  Same thing once a tower is done it will switch you to that layout even if your not on the game.

I’ve never had that happen, and I do the same thing.
When I go to collect the completed tower it will switch to the map that it’s on, but I’m active in the game and I can switch back. it’s never automatically done that without me first clicking the button to collect.

I play on iOS if it’s useful info.

EDIT: I also do insanely anal stuff like collect my updates immediately, so I may just be missing the bug!!

It has happened to me again, but not systemically, even when I try to reproduce the bug.

I play on 3 different devices, 3 different OS, maybe that’s the trick?

I just wanted to quote that.

Hey all,

We are still looking into this issue, so any further information is appreciated. We are not currently able to reproduce it here.

@AwesomeDoud, when you quit the game, is it immediately after you switch back to Layout 2, or do you perform other actions before you quit?


I haven’t had the issue again for a while now. Can’t understand what was wrong.

Yes I may have logged out immediately after switching layout (log in / gather upgrade / run upgrade / log out) - but I still do that and I don’t have the issue any more…

Yet another mystery from mother Gaia… Thanks for looking anyway

Ok, thanks for the update, AwesomeDoud. We’ll continue to look into why it may have happened.

I know this one is very old, but is it fixed?

We did improve the behaviour here, but were never able to see this issue in-house. We believe it to be fixed.

I can confirm this is not fixed.  I’m experiencing this with the latest version within the last few days during the war.

I’m doing something similar to AwesomeDoud and upgrading towers on multiple maps.  Confirming with other alliance members in the realtime chat, maps are not switching while logged in, or when I log out.  For me, seems to be stuck on map 1 for enemies and alliance members.  I see map 3 when loading/reloading the client. (Private Threepwood is my in game handle)  Note that i’ve Reconstructed map 1 to my high defense layout because this is not reliable.

We’ve noticed that other alliance members maps also take a while to change when testing each other’s layouts.   We almost kicked a guy 2 wars ago, because he had no towers/defense.  we thought he was being difficult, but other members noted that it takes hours or longer sometimes for maps to switch and be visable to others.  Is there some server side process for which a user seeing his own maps is stored in one place, but when attacked is sourced/stored/cached somewhere else that the sync is sometimes failing?   Or perhaps a sync operation that’s happening async and perhaps out of order updates are occurring when switching quickly?

Here’s some detail we’ve worked out: (should see map 3, but everyone sees map 1)

-Up until a day ago, I never use map 1 (or map 2), only to upgrade towers.  However the battle log shows both regular map and war folks seeing map 1. (Map 2 however hasn’t been attacked in over a 40 days)  Alliance members in the chat while i’m Logged in with map 3 selected, still see map 1 when testing my defense.

-When I upgrade a tower, I’ll Press the collect button which auto-switches the map.  Then initiate the next level upgrade to the same tower, and manually switch back to map 3.  Never on map 1 for more than a minute or so.

-Working with alliance members, does a not seem to be a client side issue with them (caching, etc). One member tried logging out on windows and back in, same map.  Same member tried using iOS client (which he never uses) and still saw map 1.

-This would seem to indicate a server side issue where either the client is not sending which map, being dropped over the wire, or the server is not syncing/storing/caching the information properly.

-That said, if I completely kill my client in iOS causing the client to reconnect/resync, map 3 still shows up, followed by a “*****?” :grinning:

Hope that helps @CaptainMorgan and @Madlen

I don’t know if this is what’s going on at all, but if you switch your defense map, but then continue to play around with your defense and stay active in that part of the game, your defense doesn’t change. I think it’s a feature, not a bug. It allows someone to work on a defense without worrying about being attacked on something that’s half finished.

Whenever I adjust my defense and want someone to test it I make my changes and then force quit from the app. That seems to load the new defense within 5-10 minutes.

IMHO, forcequiting an app to get something to sync is broken.  Something else is going on here.

I think that just speeds it up. It tells the game you’re done with “playing around with my defense”. 

Thanks for the additional info, we will look into improving it.