Base layout mapping

Base design can a time consuming endevor. Sometimes id like to tear my base up 2 try new Ideas but I want to remember what worked (or sucked).

Mapping out ideas helps me a lot and saves time rebuilding my base to awesomeness!

It also helped a lot desiding what runes 2 destroy.

Here is a simple grid for you 2 draw on if you like. Enjoy!

Another quick thaught…

 Having 2 or three saved base layouts in game Would be neat.

Imagine a toggle from “open” to closed base with one click!

(hint hint developers) hehe

been suggested before but another mention can’t hurt. Got many “ruins” left?

Has been suggested already several times, including here:


Not sure if it’s just for me, but when I click on that “color_grid” file, it tells me I don’t have the permission to watch that attachment… does it work for anyone else?



Ruins? Too many! :grinning:

yep posted on facebook too. people seemed to like it so i threw it up here as well

And yes thanks for asking. my rune problems are far behind me. lolz

As far as the attachment here idk. im new 2 this forum perhaps I uploaded it wrong.

if you anyone wants templates to mess with, PM me and ill help np.


Same 4 me…

Sry for thread bump, but NOW, I can see the file.


Might be helpful for base layout planning! :slight_smile:

yay! :wink: