Basilisk Bomber

I think the Snake Tower Boost was created a year ago but never added. 

See 0:20 to 0:22, mortars spawning after snake tower’s destruction. This video is a year old. I just noticed it. :stuck_out_tongue:  


Wonder what they were?

But the “Bomber” part makes it sound like a Bomb Tower’s boost, well… Maybe the mortars shooting their bombs make Snakes bombers in some way?

Basilisk implies either poison or slow (being turned to stone).  

Then Snake Tower becomes Medusa and makes you a statue? Awesome  :lol:

yea awesome 

Now we know :grinning:


i think i would have preferred a medusa snake tower :stuck_out_tongue:  

Finally a boost that make in a way Frost Tower useful. Basilik Bomber look awesome. I guess some base gonna be hard during this 2 day of boost :slight_smile: